Manufacturing a News Story! Bob Creamer’s Progressives Handed Out Russian Flags at CPAC


There was a manufactured fake news story at CPAC Friday with two Progressives, Jason Charter, 22, and Ryan Clayton, 36, handing out about 1,000 red, white and blue flags with “TRUMP” plastered in the center. The flags were Russian flags. This was done shortly before Trump was to speak.

Members of the audience unknowingly took the pennants and waved them. Pictures were taken and blasted around social media as journalists noticed CPAC staffers collecting the pennants and evicting the offenders.

As it turns out, these fools were from Bob Creamer’s group. Creamer is Barack Obama’s dirty tricks guy.

Two Progressive idiots purchased tickets to the conference and handed out the nearly 1,000 flags to attendees as a nasty prank to mock the alleged relationship of Trump with Putin.

According to a report by Talking Points Memo, the snakes then mocked the people who took the flags, calling them poorly educated. Charter told Talking Points Memo “I don’t want to insult anyone” but “it says a lot about Trump’s bas and their education level.”

He doesn’t want to insult anyone? If this is his guideline for education level, it’s a very defective one. Most people expect to see a hammer and sickle. Guaranteed a leftist audience wouldn’t know either.

Democrats are so much better. They prefer to burn the US flag.

The offenders are with a progressive group called Americans Take Action. The group describes itself on its website as “a network of populists who believe that the American government should represent we the people once again, that the economy should work for all of us, and that the internet should remain free and open for generations to come.”

Progressives want to improve the economy with more of Obama’s policies – taxes, regulations, and government rule over every aspect of our lives.

Clayton is the head of Americans Take Action, a Bob Creamer group. The group wants to get rid of the Electoral College and were behind much of the bad – fake – stories that electors were not going to vote Trump.

Creamer was the subject of James O’Keefe videos in which he was seen planning voter fraud. Creamer was a visitor at the White House 340 times, 45 of those were personal meetings with Barack Obama. He even met with Michelle Obama. He is the husband of hard-left congresswoman Jan Schakowsky.

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