Bob Woodward, Lanny Davis & White House Threats – Videos


Bob Woodward won’t use the words “threat” and “lie” in relation to our administration but I think it is clear what went on by the end of the video. He mentions something that struck me – he’s being inundated with emails from reporters who also have experienced what Woodward experienced.

Ann Coulter thinks calling it a threat is a joke but she is used to people threatening to kill her.

When you have a White House top official attacking a reporter over the revelation of a lie by the administration, it is censorship of the press in the end, except in the case of people like Bob Woodward who has the courage to tell the truth.

Video with Lanny Davis on O’Reilly:

Audio from Wayne Dupree: Lanny Davis on White House threat:

Ron Fornier was threatened too:
Check it out here on the National Review Online.

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