Body of MS-13 Victim Found on Beautiful LI Preserve


Long Island cops are investigating another possible MS-13 gang slaying after unearthing a badly decomposed body Saturday in a bucolic and popular nature preserve.

The body was found late Friday afternoon.

Cops said the victim was killed in 2016 in the Massapequa Preserve on the south shore of Nassau County after being lured there by the gang.

“We’re here on a beautiful day on the holiday weekend for yet another gruesome discovery,” Nassau District Attorney Madeline Signas said at a news conference.

Homicide detectives said they know the identities of the latest victim they found  — and the killers.


The discovery of the body came was the result of an investigation that led to the arrests of four MS-13 members for the 2017 killing of 19-year-old Julio Gonzales-Espantzay. He was hacked to death with machetes after being lured to the Massapequa Preserve with the promise of marijuana and sex, police said.

Basically, the beautiful preserve became an MS-13 burial ground. MS-13 uses the parks regularly.

The body was discovered near where they found the remains of Julio Cesar Espantzay, 18, of Hempstead, in March 2017, police said. Authorities have said Espantzay was lured into the 432-acre park with promises of sex and drugs, then attacked with machetes and shot before being buried in the preserve that January.

Five reputed Long Island MS-13 gang members have been charged with murder in his death, the Nassau district attorney’s office said Saturday. Their cases remain open.

All the people involved are here illegally.

“We believe it was a gang issue in 2016,” Nassau County Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder said. “This war, if you will, that took place in 2016 and ’17, we recovered close to 11 victims, all or most buried in shallow graves in Nassau County. We believe at this time we’ve recovered all the victims as part of our investigation.”

“We want people in Massapequa and Nassau County to know our parks are safe and open for business,” Ryder said.

Sure they are.

MS-13 is an illegal alien global gang. They get their orders directly from El Salvador.

Long Island was once very safe, but his massive and insane immigration has changed all that.

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