Boehner About to Betray the Country in Favor of Amnesty – Update


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Update: 6/18/13: If you believe Mr. Boehner, he will not blindly support the immigration bill.

[CNN] Under pressure from House conservatives opposed to comprehensive immigration reform, House Speaker John Boehner said today, “I don’t see any way of bringing an immigration bill to the floor that doesn’t have majority support of Republicans.”
Until now, Boehner has sidestepped questions about how he will move forward in the House on immigration reform and whether he would allow a vote on a bill that relied on Democrats to pass the GOP-controlled chamber.
The Senate is considering its version of immigration reform, and Boehner’s comment raises new questions about whether any major immigration bill will get through Congress.

 If you notice, he said it would have to be the “majority.” At the moment, only 70 members of Congress are standing up to him.

In the past week, Conservative members of the House have said that John Boehner is trying to bully members into voting for the gang of eight immigration bill.

Boehner responded to this by saying that he would not force members to vote for something they don’t want.

Boehner has also said he wants immigration done.

It is now known that he is in secret talks with his Capitol Hill buddies discussing immigration. On Wednesday, he welcomed Rubio into one of these meetings for secret talks.

Rubio thinks this immigration bill, which legalizes millions immediately and sets up chain migration, is 95% there. It’s almost in “perfect shape,” he said this week.

Boehner told his colleagues that he wants to pass some type of immigration bill before the House goes on recess in August. [Watch those congressional vacations. They think it is better to pass a bad bill than miss a vacation.]

There is a “special GOP conference” on the immigration bill in mid-July.

If people have read the immigration bill, then they know they are being fed a pack of lies. I am FOR immigration but not this bill!!! Please read through the bill, which can be found HEREand decide for yourself.

We will never again be America if we allow this bill to go through. With Obamacare, we are almost over but this bill is the nail in the coffin.

Call or write your representative at or tweet them or Facebook them. John Boehner is @johnboehner

John Boehner has every intention of passing this horrendous bill. The Republicans held an “autopsy” after the 2012 presidential election to determine what went wrong and what the solutions are. They decided that immigration reform is necessary for them to win future elections.

One of the reasons they are doing this is because the white vote is shrinking. After the bill, it will shrink much faster of course.

In thirty years, whites will be a minority [without this bill], perhaps sooner, and that is according to the latest Census Bureau research.

According to the Washington Post, only one in ten Republican voters weren’t white in 2012. The Republicans are unappealing to minorities. The Republicans think the answer to this problem is to become liberals since the liberals are picking up the non-white voters.

Even after Reagan gave amnesty to 3 million illegals, which he later regretted, George H.W. Bush only picked up 30% of the Hispanic vote.

The National exit poll I am referring to is loosely accurate but it is the one both parties like to use.

George W. Bush allegedly broke the mold, but there is evidence that this is inaccurate and, while he scored higher than most of the GOP, he did not score as high as this poll indicates. It is not even mathematically possible.

National exit polls


chart of National exit poll results

It is unlikely Republicans will win over Hispanics with amnesty because Hispanics are liberals and amnesty did not work before.

After trying to appease Hispanics with their open borders amnesty bill, they will win fewer votes because they will lose Conservatives. The bill will legalize and eventually grant citizenship to millions of poor, ignorant immigrants who come from statist countries. They are used to big government. They will vote for the liberals by wide margins and there will be far more of them to vote.

Legalizing 11 million or more immigrants easily means admitting three times as many because of the chain migration the bill sets up. Many will claim to be someone’s foster child.

This immigration bill invites more illegal immigration and keeps ICE from doing their job. It is an open borders bill.

Poorer citizens, especially Blacks will be very badly hurt by this bill because of the competition for jobs. If we owe anything to any people in this country, it’s Blacks though I do believe people need to help themselves.

Hispanics are interested in the same things we are all interested in. Illegal immigration is only fifth in their list of concerns. Republicans would have a better shot at winning them over if they had a coherent plan for the economy, jobs, the deficit, healthcare and taxes. While Obama doesn’t have one either, he presents it in a way that makes people think he does.

top issues for Hispanics

Pew opinion research poll

Our prediction is that this bill will guarantee a one-party system and, in the near future, no Republican will win nationwide office again.

Full story about the secret Republican talks at Politico


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