Boehner Crossed the Rubicon on the Floor Wednesday…or Not [Rush Audio]


Has John Boehner Crossed the Rubicon?

Last week, John Boehner said he will fight executive amnesty “tooth and nail.”

On the floor Wednesday he quoted the 22 times Barack Obama said he wouldn’t violate the Constitution to pass amnesty.


Will he follow this up with action? We can only look to the past and hope for a different future.

Boehner has taken impeachment off the table. He has taken a government shut down off the table and he won’t shut down the Department of Homeland Security. He appears to be a paper tiger who doesn’t use tough negotiating tactics.

He is the man who mocked his colleagues for opposing amnesty.

“Ohhhh, don’t make me do this. Ohhhh, this is too hard,” was how Boehner characterized the attitude of those who are not interested in tackling the bi-partisan immigration bill that passed the Senate last year.

Boehner is the man who is in the pocket of the Chamber of Commerce. They want amnesty and cheap labor over the good of the country.

Boehner is the man who punished two of the Conservatives who bucked him during his re-election as Speaker. He fights his own party members tooth and nail.

Republicans were inundated with calls asking their representatives to vote against John Boehner as Speaker and 28 did. It sent a message. Will Boehner respond or was his tough address Wednesday a ruse until the Obama veto comes down – if it even gets that far of course.

Rumors are circulating that Boehner has his staff working on bills to fund amnesty once the veto comes down though there is a big question as to whether it can even make it through the Senate which is replete with liberal Republicans who want amnesty.

Back in November, a Conservative Review article by Daniel Horowitz suggested that a show opposition to amnesty is the first step of many to give conservatives a false sense that the House leadership will fight. Many Conservatives think they will pass a temporary funding bill with every intention of passing a negotiated amnesty once the base simmers down and the leadership has put up a faux fight.

Obama is a horrible negotiator who allows terrorists to walk away with the store but the only ones worse are the Republicans. They allow the horrible negotiator to walk away with the store.

At the Sentinel, we’re trying to hold out hope. Boehner sounded great today but he is known to be unreliable.

Democrats have demanded a “clean bill” which means a bill with no concessions whatsoever.

This is Rush’s take on Boehner’s speech before Congress: