Boehner’s Baaack, But We Have Lee Zeldin


I haven’t been posting much for the last two days because I’m down in DC along with about 180 Congressman Zeldin supporters to see Long Island’s new Republican congressman sworn in.

There was a faint hope today that Speaker Boehner would lose his spot as Obama’s enabler.

If anyone deserves to be ousted, it’s Speaker Boehner who recently sought help from Democrats including Barack Obama to pass the Cromnibus.

He didn’t lose his position but hope springs eternal. Now that he has so much more support, perhaps Speaker Boehner will respond to the will of the people. The House is supposed to be the peoples’ house.

If the Congress starts passing some of the nearly 400 bills lanquishing in the Senate, at least we can say they did something and President No and his party of No will be seen for what they are – uncompromising ideologues.

Speaker Boehner was moved to tears over his reelection.

I was too.

I took the following heartwrenching video of his tearful response from The Gateway Pundit:

Nothing is raining on my parade today however. Our new Congressman ended the reign of the Long Island Marxist Tim Bishop.


Senator Ted Cruz came into the auditorium during the private swearing in of Lee Zeldin. On behalf of Texas, he thanked New York for sending in reinforcements.

LZ and TC


Our congressman is the best-dressed, only Jewish Republican congressman who has jumped out of planes as a paratrooper, served in Afghanistan, had two successful terms as a State Senator and, remarkably, he’s a conservative from socialist New York.

The Oath of Office was administered by Congressman Zeldin’s former battalion commander from the 82nd Airborne Division, Congressman Chris Gibson during a private swearing in:

  • Boehner’s Baaack, But We Have Lee Zeldin

    Boehner’s won’t go away and Lee Zeldin is his sock puppet?

    Independent Sentinel,

    It has come to my attention that not only did Lee Zeldin vote for Boehner to be Speaker of the House on January 6th 2015 but has been voting for Boehner ever since.

    Mr. Zeldin is rarely quiet about his positions prior to votes, except when they conflict with the will of the speaker. The primary example of this was the vote on H.R.1314 (1) where Mr. Zeldin made (as far as I can determine) no public statement prior to the vote. After the vote he sent emails and made strong statements (2) regarding his opposition to the bill. It is obvious to me that Mr. Zeldin had to wait for Mr. Boehner to give him the OK to vote “no”. The requirement being that the bill had to pass because it was the will of the Speaker.

    After the vote, several conservative who voted against the will of the Speaker, were targeted (3) by Mr. Boehner.

    Questions raised by these actions are:
    1. Why did Mr. Zeldin keep his position regarding H.R. 1314 quiet till after the actual vote?
    2. Why was Mr. Zeldin not punished like the others?
    3. Why won’t Mr. Zeldin express an opinion on the merit of H.R. 385?

    The answer to these questions can be found in the source of the funding for Mr. Lee Zeldin’s 2014 primary and general elections.

    American Action Network $1,384,269 spent to defeat Tim Bishop and $5,000 for Lee Zeldin (4).
    Congressional Leadership Fund $1,290 spent to defeat Tim Biship (5).

    It is reported that Mr. Boehner is aligned with these organizations (6).

    As a resident of NY1, I want someone who is not indebted to the establishment Republicans but is willing to stand up and do their job.

    You spent a lot of ink promoting Mr. Zeldin. Maybe you can use some to hold him accountable.

    Charles Fehrenbach


    • You have some misinformation. I don’t like Politico, NY Times, Open Secrets. Open Secrets is a Soros site.

      Boehner was already elected by the time the newbies got in. The vote they took after the election was merely pro forma. The only people to vote for other than Boehner had no chance in h…. Zeldin had just started – he couldn’t go up against the establishment alone.

      Zeldin voted against HR 1314 and he undoubtedly took a hit for that.

      Lee Zeldin is honorable person. He’s a soldier, very honest.

      Do you want Bishop back? That man achieved nothing and promoted far left causes. He was funded by people the likes of airhead Gwyneth Paltrow. It got worse from there. I was stunned when I saw where he got his money – from out of state and from NYC.

  • So every source of information is invalid. Maybe Independent Sentinel can dig through acceptable sources. The vote Mr. Zeldin made for Speaker is like every other vote the establishment Republicans make or don’t make (only take a stand if you know you are going to win).

    Why didn’t Mr. Zeldin make a public statement on the trade bill prior to the vote? It was widely reported that Mr. Boehner was pressuring true conservatives who are in “safe” districts to vote for “free trade” so the bill would pass and representatives of districts like NY1 could vote against it. Mr. Boehner needs to keep his big money supporters happy, use it to whip his fellow representative into submission and maintain his position. This is probably the biggest danger to a representative republic, politicians controlling politics.

    Why won’t Mr. Zeldin express an opinion on the merits of HR 385? Why did Mr. Zeldin have Mr. Boehner at his fund raiser a few months ago? What is different with Mr. Boehner being Speaker of the House instead of Nancy Pelosi? What is different having Mr. Zeldin as representative of NY1 instead of Mr. Bishop?

    Do I want Tim Bishop back? NO. Do I want a representative who is a Boehner sock puppet? NO. Which is worse? I’m not sure.

    • I said I didn’t trust some of your sources. Lee made very public statements about not voting for fast track and he sent out notices to people signed up for his emails. I don’t know about HR385 but if he hasn’t, maybe it’s because it has less than a 1% chance of passing.
      He’s no sock puppet and we’re lucky to have him. There are more Democrat voters registered than Republican. The choice is someone like Lee or someone like Bishop. The three liberals are talking about to take him on are worse than Bishop which is why I offered that choice to you.

  • The point is that Mr. Zeldin made his statements regarding the trade bill AFTER the vote. I was on his distribution and received a copy of his email. Mr. Zeldin is not known to be shy regarding his opinion on pending votes. The question remains why did he wait till after the vote to indicate his strong opposition? In my opinion there is only one viable explanation (sock puppet).

    So we are expected to accept show votes or no votes? Even if there is less than a 1% chance of passing, why would that prevent Mr. Zeldin from voicing an opinion? Was and is there a 0% chance of defeating the Iranian Nuclear deal? Mr. Zeldin is all over expressing his position (which, by the way, I agree strongly with).

    One would think that after
    1. Mr. Boehner passed legislation with the help of Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats.
    2. After observing the attacks by Mr. Boehner against conservatives.

    It would be difficult to an opinion on HR 385.

    I Independent Sentinel is truly independent, they can investigate and prove me wrong.

  • From <1% to =100%. Mr. Zeldin missed an opportunity to express an opinion on the merits of HR 385. Now hopefully Mr. Zeldin will be free of the apron strings and can deliberate, discuss, get informed, educate his constituents and vote as the representative on NY1 without hesitation. I would even encourage him to consider throwing his hat into the Speaker ship ring.

  • S.Noble, Do you think we can get a position from Mr. Zeldin on the debt ceiling and budget negotiated between Mr. Boehner and President Obama prior to the actual vote?

  • S. Noble, it’s my understanding that HR450 was a vote to consider HR597. Mr. Zeldin voted no (nay) on HR450 but yes (yea) on HR597. Is this a case of voting against it before voting for it?

  • So he attacks the process but NO indication on which way he intends to vote (again). You vilified George Demos because of his “support from Nancy Pelosi” now we will see if Lee Zeldin is going to vote along with her to pass this spending and debt ceiling increase. I’ve asked him directly and have not received an answer. I guess he will wait to see how his leaders tell him to vote. It’s obvious to me that the people of NY1 are NOT his leaders.

    Am I correct that Lee Zeldin voted to reinstate the Import-Export bank?


    Contrary to his position when he was elected?

    Are we better off than we were with Bishop?