Boko Haram Cooks, Shoots, Chops Up 1000 Christians


by Harvey Miller and Sara Noble

It does not matter to you because the victims are far away.

It does not matter to you because the victims are foreigners.

It does not matter to you because the victims are Black.

It should matter to you because you are the same to these Islamists.

It should matter to you because you are NEXT !

Just under 1000 Christians were slaughtered recently in a small village in Nigeria in a way you wouldn’t kill an insect.

Gwoza is gone but you don’t care because you don’t want to be upset or your favorite show is on TV or maybe you feel you can’t save everyone. Worse yet, you might be naive enough to believe Mr. Obama when he says all of this is not that bad and not our concern.

Nine hundred and ninety-seven Christians were slaughtered with bullets, burned alive, and hacked to pieces in the village of Gwoza. They were families just like ours. Husbands, mothers, children, grandparents and no one cares enough to do a thing to help them.

The United States has the power to blow these monsters to Hell and we won’t do it. We are cooperating with evil. Even the Pope is calling for a just war -the Pope!

Mr. Obama lied to us this past week and said things are not that bad in Iraq. That was right before another 100 Yazidis were brutally slaughtered by ISIS and as thousands starve on Mt. Sinjar.

Have you seen this in the news?

Will the leftists start another fearsome hashtag war?

One source described the crisis in Gwoza like this:

“The terrorists seized a number of residents as hostages and killed nine hundred and ninety seven an eye witness whose mother among the women that are burying the … bodies confirmed… The insurgents took over the Emirs (mayor’s) Palace as well as a Government Lodge in Gwoza, and have appointed a replacement for the town’s fleeing Emir. They have hoisted their black flags with Arabic insignia all over Gwoza in a show of their total control of the territory.”

The town was under siege for nine days.

Pray for them.

No one will help them.

Nigerian military are abandoning their posts and their weapons, leaving them for the evil terrorists. The wives and children of the military begged them not to go to help because it would have meant their deaths. The Nigerian army doesn’t have equal fire power to Boko Haram. We won’t arm them either.

Boko Haram had killed  4,239 Christians and moderate Muslims since July 29th reports the advocacy group Jubilee Campaign.

Don’t worry. Al Qaeda is on the run. This is just a franchise operation. Maybe we could send out some community organizers and peace activist commies to picket them.

ISIS, by the way, just seized two more towns in Syria while Mr. Obama was distracting you with the latest shiny object-Michael Brown.


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