Bolling Accuser Also Accused O’Reilly, She’s a Hardcore Leftist Psycho


A hardcore leftist is one of the three women accusing Eric Bolling of sexual harassment. The accuser who came forward is the arrogant, supremely obnoxious Caroline Heldman, a frequent guest on Fox News.

HuffPo claimed in an article this week that they spoke with 14 sources in and out of the two networks and found that Bolling sent unsolicited graphic messages several years ago, which included an image of a man’s genitalia.

Three women are accusing him and, allegedly, four additional people confirmed to HuffPo they had seen the photo.

Heldman is a hardcore leftist professor at the college mill, Occidental. She has made numerous appearances on Fox News spouting the exact same ideology one sees on the Communist Party USA website.

Heldman reportedly “filed a sexual harassment complaint just hours before Fox News announced O’Reilly’s departure,” according to People magazine.

When she appeared on The O’Reilly Factor, he seemed to react to her comments with disgust. It’s hard to believe he’d be interested in this entitled leftist.

She’s back and this time her target is Eric Bolling.

She wrote a lengthy Facebook post (see below) saying he invited her up to his office which was his “favorite place to have sex”.

Almost every Republican who is attacked by the left is attacked by women coming forward to claim they are womanizers and worse. When that doesn’t work, they fall back on calling the targets racists, Islamophobes, homophobes.

The left has carefully brought together every diverse minority group to create a majority who they call upon to attack their opposition.

Usually Gloria Allred or her daughter Lisa Bloom pop up to “help” the crying women.

This is her post. She links to Mother Jones, George Soros’s outfit, who put up an article claiming a contributorship at Fox is “contingent upon sex.’

The left manages to find slews of women who accuse only Republican men like Donald Trump, Herman Cain, several conservative men at Fox News, of sexual harassment. It is the left behind the latest attack against Eric Bolling and Sean Hannity. They were behind the fall of Bill O’Reilly, Roger Ailes, Bill Shine, Charles Payne, and attacks on Tucker Carlson and Jesse Watters.

That being said, we don’t know if this attack on Bolling has merit but it’s another attack from leftists. We are to believe the left, who are without moral limits, don’t harass women and only Republican men do. We are supposed to believe this while there is a war on Fox and Media Matters is behind most of the attacks.

Tucker took her and her outrageous tax proposals on in this next clip. These men better steer clear of her.

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