Bolshevik Bernie Will Pay Off All School Loans with the Usual Thievery


Financial illiterate Bernie Sanders plans to propose eliminating all $1.6 trillion of student debt held in the United States, including all private and graduate school debt.

The math does not compute. FY2018 involved outlays of $4.094 trillion and revenues of $3.654 trillion, a $440 billion deficit. To exist, we have to borrow that money, some of it from enemies.

Bernie now wants to pay off every student’s school loan for a grand total of about $1.6 trillion and offer all future college students free college.

He claims he will pay for it by imposing fees on Wall Street to eliminate the school loans that will affect your 401Ks. It won’t pay for it and it’s theft, plain and simple.

So who pays for all the free college in the future? Well, Bernie did say he would tax everyone more, and he has many other freebies on the table. He said he will give all illegal aliens who happen to pop into the country the same free Medicare for All. It provides free dental, vision, longterm care, healthcare without co-pays, and so much more.

Bernie probably gets a lot of his financial acumen from his fellow Bolshevik wife who bankrupted a little Vermont college.

He wants us all to pay for students who take degree programs destined to fail and used the money for things that have nothing to do with education while greedy colleges continue their spending spree with the students’ borrowed government [taxpayer] money. That’s a bubble builder right there.

I’m sick of these socialist fools. Feel the burn as the $22.3 trillion debt and the $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities grow until we can’t pay the interest or that is all we pay.

Venezuela, here we come!

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