Bolton on nuclear deal: “It’s a debacle for the United States, worse, it’s a grave danger”



Iran has been forming agreements with al Qaeda for years and Boko Haram would like to unite with ISIS.

When the Navy SEALs raided Usama bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan, more than one million documents were confiscated. The documents indicate that bin Laden was not retired and al-Qaida had agreements with Iran.

These are alliances aimed at our destruction and they are an existential threat.

There is an article you might want to read on Maggie’s Notebook about defense intelligence being told NOT to update Barack Obama on the bin Laden documents.

During a terrorism trial this week, 8 new documents were presented with information that shows a top al Qaeda operative, Younis al-Mauritani asked bin Laden’s permission to relocate to Iran in June 2010. From there, he would plot terror attacks around the world.

The documents not only showed a mutually beneficial relationship between Iran and al Qaeda, they give evidence of Iran’s presence in Afghanistan.

Reports that Iran is cooperating with al-Qaeda on a “spectacular attack” on the West have been circulating since 2011.

Also in 2011, al Qaeda began to use Iran as a transit point to its bases in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

They’re not natural allies, but Iran can provide the components that al-Qaeda desperately needs to launch a high-profile attack — an attack that would avenge the death of Osama bin Laden and bring about the devastation of the Great Satan.

Extensive information about the connection can be found at The Weekly Standard who we can thank for these revelations.

This should affect our negotiations with Iran but it won’t. President Obama thinks we can have an alliance with Iran no matter what. He holds a minority opinion that we can keep Iran from the bomb with a bad nuclear deal, a deal so bad in fact that Prime Minister Netanyahu is coming to the United States in March to speak to Congress. He believes the deal threatens the very existence of Israel.

More on the agreement:

ISIS is nothing but an offshoot of al Qaeda. They believe in and want the same things though ISIS sees itself as being in the prime leadership role. What will always bring them together is the Great Satan, the United States, or the Little Satan, Israel.

Boko Haram has sworn allegiance to ISIS but has not received acknowledgement from ISIS. Most intelligence operatives say they will not team up, partly because of racism, however, if they thought an alliance would benefit both, they could team up.

Iran is making fools of the United States with  tests of ballistic missiles this month and with a mock attack on a U.S. aircraft carrier two days ago. The Obama administration thinks it’s merely some face-saving activities in advance of finalizing the nuclear deal.

What the administration doesn’t understand about Iran testing a new generation of laser-guided ballistic missiles is hard to say.

“We are very close to a deal and Iran will be allowed to continue enriching Uranium and they will be certain on the path to nuclear weapons…,” former Ambassador Bolton said.



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