Bombastic Billionaire Exposing Dem Blue Collar Betrayal


work on the wall

What’s being kept under the radar in this craziest of election seasons is that Democrats are in huge trouble with their blue collar base. There are two basic reasons. One, these long time, loyal supporters are fed up with being taken for granted and treated like fools. Two, they’ve grown frustrated watching their party not only embrace, but kowtow to fringe, extreme, interest groups with whom they have very little in common. As a result, the base has begun bolting. The trend can be seen in Donald Trump’s primary successes.

Such headlines as, “More Than 60,000 Disgruntled Pennsylvania Democrats Switch Parties”, “Trump Boosted by Party-Switching, Mid-West Democrats” and “More Blue-Collar Democrats Switching Parties for Trump”, tell the story of an increasing number of party loyalists fed up with being screwed. Increased GOP turnout has been record setting, while their rival’s has slumped badly.

There’s no real surprise there. Why wouldn’t honest, hard working people, especially those employed in contruction and energy, be ticked off when the pols they’ve elected promote policies specifically designed to undermine good paying jobs held by steadfast constituents?

Here are just a few examples of Democrat leaders screwing some of their most reliable voters:

When then Senator Obama was running for president, he promised his energy policies would “bankrupt” anyone who “wants to build a coal-fired power plant”. He’s delivered. If that wasn’t bad enough, Barack has brazenly sicced his EPA on almost every major industry in the United States. Obama’s encouraged that out of control bureaucracy to mandate and enforce either incredibly expensive or impossible to meet, job killing, “clean air” standards.

Dems at every level, including Obama, Bernie Sanders, and Hillary Clinton, stood loudly and proudly against building the Keystone Pipeline. This despite the fact it was supported by an overwhelming majority of Americans. Included in that support were construction and energy related unions, looking to dramatically increase their membership’s employment prospects. Acting as Democrat lapdogs for decades carried no weight on this critical issue. Talented dues paying, trades people were given the Donkey’s middle digit.

Those starving for meaningful, lucrative work, but living under a far leftist thumb, have learned fracking is a no-go . Take New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo. He decreed, even as their Pennsylvania neighbors enjoy opportunties for higher wages by safely extracting natural gas and oil from abundant shale deposits, his upstaters must continue to suffer under recession like conditions.   Unsurprisingly, Hillary Clinton agrees with Cuomo.

Which brings us back to what happens when a presidential contender swerves into truth telling about our nation’s oh so critical coal industry. Recently reporting on Hill, the New York Post quoted her smiling broadly and saying, “We’re going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.” Later on Clinton tried removing that deadly knife to the collective hearts of miners, their familes, and employers. But she, like candidate Obama in 2008, said and meant it.

Compare this kind of abuse to how Democrats manage their relationships with factions well outside the mainstream of American thinking.   The blue collars take it in the shorts while Dems shamelessly pander to Occupy Wall Street anarchists, Black Lives Matter cop haters, partial bith abortionists, and last but certainly not least, kooky no growth greenies. Just look at the Clinton and Sanders rallies. Hers are filled with various race and gender grievance groups. His are loaded with young people, clueless to the evils of Socialism, demanding free everything.

This presidential primary season we’ve begun to see working class men and women, who’ve long been the heart of the “old Democrat Party”, revolt.   And in an even wackier twist, they’ve found common cause in the populist message being shouted by the kind of rich, boastful, white male Republican many of them have been programmed to hate.

Far from tossing a bouquet to The Donald (after all who could be better at that….than The Donald), this narrative is looking more at the unbelievable irony of a bombastic GOP billionaire exposing the Democrat Party’s indefensible betrayal of their devoted blue collar guys and gals. The only thing nuttier than that, in this craziest of elections, is how the Dems not only let it happen, but are still promoting polices designed to ensure their own unforgivable disloyalty continues.