Bombshell Claim Flynn to Testify Trump Ordered Him to Chat with Russians “CLARIFIED”


“America’s Worst Reporter”, as ABC News’s Brian Ross was dubbed by Gawker, reported this morning that Lt. Gen. Flynn was going to testify that President Trump ordered him to meet with foreign leaders including the Russians during the campaign. That would run contrary to what the President has said. It led to speculation that Trump was colluding through back-channels.

Adam Schiff went on ABC News to predict Trump’s imminent downfall.

Ross is also known as “America’s Wrongest Reporter”.

The worst reporter in the world said Flynn, facing up to five years in jail, was prepared to testify that, before taking office, Trump had directed him to make contact with Russians.

We reported it with the caveat that Brian Ross was not to be trusted and it turns out that was very prescient.

Brian Ross just went on air this evening and said their contact, a confidant of Lt. Gen. Flynn, clarified that it wasn’t about reaching out to Russians during the campaign. Instead, as it turns out, during the campaign, Trump asked Flynn to find ways to repair relations with Russians and in other hot spots, and after the election, Trump wanted Flynn to contact Russia on issues to include working together against ISIS.

Ross isn’t “clarifying”. This is a complete reversal of what he said. In fact, the tweet has been removed by ABC News.

Sadly, Rasmussen polled peoples’ views on fake news and only 2% thought ABC News was fake news. Brian Ross is the very definition of fake news but people are listening to this man.

His tweet, now gone, included a video of him making the false claim. Allegedly, Flynn was going to testify against Trump’s family as well. This is the tweet or what’s left of it:

JUST IN: @BrianRoss on @ABC News Special Report: Michael Flynn promised “full cooperation to the Mueller team” and is prepared to testify that as a candidate, Donald Trump “directed him to make contact with the Russians.”

— ABC News (@ABC) December 1, 2017

The bombshell reporting this morning was bogus.

Brian Ross has as much credibility as a gnat. Going back to 2001, Ross reported that Saddam Hussein and Iraq were behind the anthrax mailings.

He’s also the one who reported that the Aurora theater shooter was a tea party member.

Remember when Toyota cars were allegedly losing control in fantastical ways? That was Brian Ross again! He spliced staged footage to make it look scarier.

Then there is the time he accused a GITMO prisoner of masterminding the underwear bomber’s planned attack. He had to retract it because the accused was in Saudi Arabia, in custody.

Even Gawker called Ross out for fake news. They wrote, “…under no circumstances should you listen to anything he says.” They called him, “America’s Worst Reporter.”

The guy makes things up out of whole cloth.

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6 years ago

I would be interested in WHO FLynn lied to at the FBI. Could McCabe have been involved in that investigation. He was THERE after Comey and was continuing the investigation. Given Flynn’s support of Robyn Gritz against McCabe is there something nefarious that has yet to be revealed.

6 years ago

What a disgusting turn of events. Flynn now has to sell his House because of the mounting legal bills and this is the reason he had to cop the plea. We have a Government that can roughshod over someone until they can NO LONGER defend themselves.

If Trump is eventually exonerated over all this Russia nonsense then he should begin a systematic cleaning in every level of Government. Drain the Swamp until there isn’t a smidgen left of it.

I’m intimately familiar with the powers of (local) Government railroading, and if it weren’t for the ineptitude of a witness all of us boys would have been in jail. The “witness” Assumed we were all blonde haired. I still remember our Mother calling the Governor and he said things like that just don’t happen these days. There was a great deal of corruption in that town and it has a great deal of similarities to this current situation.

6 years ago

RSBN just showed Behar on the View extremely ecstatic when she was handed “Breaking News” on the Brian Ross report. I’d love to see a meme where egg is dripping from her face.