Bombshell…David Daleiden Explains What’s on the Suppressed Planned Parenthood-Tied Video



Alisyn Camerota, a CNN anchor of New Day, grilled the spokesperson and investigator for The Center for Medical Progress, David Daleiden on Sunday. He is the man behind the Planned Parenthood videos and exposé. During the interview, Ms. Camerota played Devil’s Advocate or was deliberately playing the role of Planned Parenthood defender, but Daleiden answered every question without hesitation despite the seeming one-way bias.

The Center for Medical Progress has released four abridged videos and some full-length videos in which Planned Parenthood appears to be haggling over the price of selling harvested fetal tissue, organs, brains, et cetera. In the fourth video, the Planned Parenthood VP mentions the ‘delivered’ babies whose bodies are intact and implies they abort the lives of born-alive babies.

An intermediary partner of Planned Parenthood, StemExpress, also appears in some of the videos.

A judge in California put a temporary hold on the release of any videos involving StemExpress. Mr. Daleden explains what he believes is the reason for that.

In this interview, Mr. Daleidon deals with all the accusations against him. The New York Times, Planned Parenthood,  the White House, et al claim it’s a hoax and the tapes are “heavily edited.” He responded to those questions.

The one clear fact is that the people connected to Planned Parenthood and StemExpress sounded cold and calculating by most peoples’ standards. If people heard them talking about a cat that way they’d go ballistic.

It’s important to mention that this episode does not present an existential threat to abortion. Abortion rights are outlined in our Constitution as a result of Roe v. Wade. Defunding Planned Parenthood will not limit a woman’s ability to obtain an abortion. It will remove the profit motive and the forced payments by taxpayers who are opposed.

If you go to 04:14 on the mark, that is the point at which Mr. Daleidon explains that the video StemExpress wants to be suppressed is the one of a meeting with their top leadership in which they admit they “sometimes get fully intact infants shipped to their clinics”. Mr. Daleiden says “that could be prima facie evidence of born-alive infants”. He said that’s the video they want to be suppressed and they’re “very scared of it.”

It’s hard to know how Planned Parenthood gets out of this without lying but that remains to be seen.




  1. Why would we believe this liar now? Contrary to his arm waving about the earlier videos, they show that Planned Parenthood is well aware of the laws governing donation of tissue and that Planned Parenthood undertakes to not only comply with those laws but, beyond that, assure that it clearly appears to comply with those laws, even to the anti sorts who so want to wish it were otherwise. The real scandals in all this are the shameless lies of extremists seeking to smear Planned Parenthood and the willingness of some politicians to pander to those cheering on the liars. Despicable.

    • You see and hear what you want to see and hear. What is despicable is using babies who are ‘delivered’ as specimens to be chopped up and sold.

    • $100s of millions of taxpayer money goes to Planned Parenthood, then PP ‘donates’ a large percent of that to Democrat candidates. Money laundering by the Democrats? Bribery? Corruption? Whatever it is, it’s not authorized by the Constitution.

    • You dear sir, S. Noble do now realize what you are saying. Planned parenthood has been dirty all alone. They do not even come close to trying to help a young girl who finds herself pregnant.. She is not given all the facts, how it may ( usually 99% of the time does) impact her life for years and years in a negative way. I have worked with women suffering after 10 years. Never getting over the guilt, they seem to always say ” if I only would have known, “why didn’t they tell me”. You have no idea sir the harm it causes. Now for the so called planned parenthood does so much for the health of women, big lie. Lie lie. There or clinic that offer exams. In fact pp charges for sonograms, when they can get sonograms free form real caring facilities for women., and all their options. Also isn’t That what OBAMACARE is for? Why should the American people have to pay for both? We are ripped off enough by the government with all the liberal entitlements as it is. Now you have never held in your hands a live baby born at 22 weeks. I have, they are fully formed, they are moving their arms and legs, you can see the heart beating, AND THEY FEEL PAIN!!!!!!!!!now just imagine how you would feel if someone were tearing your limbs off, crushing your skull, I don’t think you would like it. Well these lovely babies don’t have a choice.. Go back to the women who started pp, big plan to keep the population of black babies down. Now I don’t want my tax money paying for these ATROCITIES!!!!! I don’t like the government forcing me to support something that is against my values, my morals. My faith. My right are being denied me. Yes I am sick if it. I am sick of women who use abortion for their birth control, those who make poor choices over and over. One mistake easy to forgive, but making it a habit No way. It is totally unfair to we Americans who feel this way.

  2. Margret Sanger, founder of PP, was fascinated with the Nazi’s Dr. Josef Mengele as well as the KKK to whom she delivered a number of speeches. Her mission is stated in the PP ‘mission statement’ which reads in part:

    “……to get rid of all the undesirables – the negroes who are like weeds……..!”

    PP works on that basis; their center are always located within minority communities as well as counting of the highest abortion numbers in this minority neighborhood. The goal of PP has always been about ‘population control’ beginning with black americans and other minorities.

    It is no secret that babies – during late term abortions – are born alive by intent only to sell them for parts – it requires a little person/baby to be alive while they literally ‘rip this little person apart’!! That is the cold and hard truth about PP and their mission.

    Since Roe vs. Wade – 55+ million little persons/babies have been murdered – it is genocide; Margret Sanger and her fascination as well as her beliefs in eugenics superceded Josef Mengele – the Nazis eugenicist!

    PP wants to keep that secret as long as they can; while taxpayers footing 500 million dollars per year to that evil outfit – the moral is whether the US was I the business of genocide – PP answers that question just by sheer number of murders!!!

  3. PP has been caught redhanded doing immoral, unethical, and illegal things. Any mature, thinking person knows that. Yet the DOJ has not acted to seize evidence. Progressives are going after the investigators, and suppressing (censoring) the release of any more information.

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