Bombshell: Dems Trying to Turn Texas Blue Are Committing Voter Fraud


she's our conscience
Wendy Davis, “America’s conscience”, has a “secret weapon”.

h/t Brittany Pounders and Herbert Richmond

Having worked at the polls, I can tell you there is a lot of voter fraud taking place in New York where the stakes are not high, New York is already lost to socialists. Voter fraud is mostly ignored or dismissed as the stuff of conspiracy theories here in New York and elsewhere, but it is in actuality a playground for the corrupt.

Project Veritas under James O’Keefe, has a new breaking video that shows illegal activities by Battleground Texas, Jeremy Bird’s Democratic organization. It is described as abortion Barbie’s – Wendy Davis’ – “secret weapon.”

Battleground Texas leaders and workers were caught illegally gathering voter data off voter registration cards by Project Veritas.

No data is allowed to be copied or held by law. Nevertheless, Democratic activists whose goal it is to turn Texas blue, are willing to go to any lengths to make it happen. They are registering people who aren’t likely to show up at the polls and are keeping their cell numbers and private data to call them when the polls open. It’s illegal but they don’t care. They are registering under-age youths and people here illegally.

They are lawless.

Battleground Texas

Battleground Texas

James O’Keefe said they are the new ACORN and are connected to Wayne Rafke, the ACORN founder with a long history of corruption.

Listen to the Project Veritas video:

It’s hard to defeat people who are willing to break the law and who can do so without repercussions. Read more about efforts to turn Texas blue on this link and here.