Bombshell: Hillary’s ‘Gatekeeper’ Changed the Benghazi Talking Points



Hillary Clinton pictured here while making her programmed utterance, ‘What difference…at this point…does it make?’

Catherine Herridge, Chief Foreign Correspondent for Fox News, reported that Michael Morell, who changed the Benghazi Talking Points, might have altered them for the political benefit of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Michael Morell was the deputy director of the Central Intelligence Agency and he served as acting director twice, the last time until 2013 when he retired.

In all likelihood he did. Morell, who is close to Hillary Clinton, received an email on the day before Susan Rice’s appearance on the Sunday New shows that points to his culpability.

On September 15, 2012, the day before Susan Rice was to appear on the five Sunday News shows, Morell received a ‘critical email’ according to a Senate Intelligence Committee report just recently released. The email read that the attack in Benghazi was ‘not not’ the result of an escalation of protests over a video. The email came from a senior intelligence officer at the CIA station in Libya.

On the same day that the email was received, Morell significantly altered the Talking Points. He took out references to Islamist and left in the references to the ‘video protest’ that never was.

On September 16, the day Susan Rice appeared on the shows, Morell asked for information about the email from the CIA in Libya.

On September 18, the closed-circuit TV of the attack was reviewed by senior White House officials and it definitively proved that the attack was not connected to protests.

For three weeks after the attack, both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton kept up the manufactured story about the attack being the result of a video protest. They even put out a TV ad in Pakistan apologizing for the video, an ad which then cause anti-American riots. Barack Obama went before the UN on September 25th and apologized for the video. Hillary Clinton promised the victims’ families that the videographer would go to jail and he did.

In November, 2012, Susan Rice met with John McCain, Kelly Ayotte, and Lindsey Graham. Morell was present. Michael Morell told Lindsey Graham the FBI changed the Talking Points. Graham called the FBI and they went ballistic. Within 24 hours, Morell changed his story and admitted he had done it.

Morell now works for Beacon Global Strategies and they tout him as Hillary Clinton’s principal gatekeeper.

Morell, now outed as a liar, released a statement yesterday saying the Talking Points were not politicized and the Senate report backs that up. The facts, however, don’t back it up. Republicans who were part of the report formulation remember it differently.

On Sunday, during the O’Reilly interview, President Obama dismissed any notion that the White House changed the Talking Points for political expediency:

What a notion, huh? Why would we think that?

Do you think Morell changed the Talking Points without running it by Hillary Clinton and/or Barack Obama?


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