BOMBSHELL! Missing Papadopoulos Spy Also Worked for Soros Organization


Curiously Professor Joseph Mifsud, the man who set up George Papadopoulos, also worked for the  European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR). ECFR’s  main source of funding is George Soros’ Open Society.

According to an interview with, Mifsud said he was a member of the ECFR. He is also tied to Clinton.

“I am a member of the European Council on Foreign relations”, Mifsud said, “and you know which is the only foundation I am member of? The Clinton Foundation. Between you and me, my thinking is left-leaning. But I predicted Trump’s victory as well as Brexit. Everyone of us wants peace. If the governments don’t talk each other, we citizens must keep talking”.

Mifsud is in hiding since people started looking at him. Perhaps he’s the one who has been killed — a reference made by Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson. Mifsud, a Maltese academic, might be a Russian agent but he has a lot more ties to British Intelligence.

Mifsud is the one who told Papadopoulos that Russia had Hillary’s emails. During a brief drunken bar meeting, Papadopoulos relayed that Mifsud information to Australian and Hillary supporter, Alexander Downer.

Downer, an official who travels between Australia and the UK, also has close ties to British Intelligence.

Also involved in British Intel is dossier author Christopher Steele and the spy on the Trump campaign Stefan Halper.

Anyone remember when Judge Napolitano said Obama turned to British spies for intel on Trump? Fox News suspended him and nearly fired him for saying it. Perhaps they should apologize to him.


Alexander Downer Was a Corrupt Clinton Donor Before He Launched Russia-Trump Probe

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