Bombshell! Mueller & His Angry Democrats Might Have Lied in the Report


Robert Mueller and his angry Democrats might have lied about one of the spies involved in the Papadopoulos case. Rep. Devin Nunes says he did.

This month, the New York Times admitted there was at least one additional spy surveilling the Trump campaign, a woman named Azra Turk (alias no doubt). She spied on Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos.

Another spy, Joseph Mifsud was described as a Russian spy offering Papadopoulos connections in Russia. However, that might not be true. He might have spied on Papadopoulos for the West.

Papadopoulos claims that Hillary Clinton was seen dining with Joseph Mifsud and Italian Secret Service in 2016.

Mifsud ignited the probe allegedly, and, although he was portrayed as a Russian spy, he has a lot of connections to Western intelligence.

Devin Nunes is scrutinizing the findings in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report about Joseph Mifsud.


In a letter to the State Department, FBI, CIA, and NSA, Nunes presents photographic evidence of Mifsud in close proximity to influential Western political and government officials, Fox News reported. He is requesting information on Mifsud and suspects the FBI or CIA sent Mifsud to spy on Papadopoulos, not Russia. The fact is, Mueller did ignore Mifsud’s ties to Western intelligence in his report.

That brings us to Sunday and Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo. She spoke with Devin Nunes who dropped some bombshells.

Nunes accused the Mueller team of lying about Joseph Mifsud. Nunes says Misfud worked with Western operatives. That means Mueller and his team lied in the 448-page report.

Mifsud is suspected of being an FBI trainer and an FBI asset.


According to Nunes, Mifsud visited the State Department in Washington DC in 2017, probably after Trump was inaugurated. This is quite an omission by Robert Mueller and his angry Democrats.

Rep. Nunes said, “We spent $30 million on this as taxpayers and they can’t even tell us who Joseph Mifsud is? So we’re getting to the bottom of this. We believe he has ties to the State Department. Actually, our State Department had him in the United States capital in 2017!”

Nunes did include photographic evidence in his letter to the various executive agencies.

The fact that Robert Mueller and his team painted Joseph Mifsud as a Russian spy appears to be a lie if Nunes’ report is true.



    • Absolutely right. More and more information is coming out now that people have had time to bounce the Mueller report against things that are known and it is clear that the report is pure garbage. Read attorney Emmet Flood’s letter to AG Barr. It’s an eye opener.

  1. Nunes should be appointed CIA Director so he will have the resources to get to the truth about the failed coup.

  2. I can’t believe people actually think mueller is an honest guy!!!! I knew from the beginning that he was a dishonest jerk……….he is butt-buddies with that dishonest comey, the really tall SMALL man! And I knew his report would be nothing but a report for the dumb-ass dumbocrats to act on. WAKE UP PEOPLE! Lying loretta lynch met with clinton on the tarmac and promised to name the new FBI building after comey if he would find hillary innocent of everything and lynch would be put on the Supreme Court when hillary won. That egotistical ego-maniac bastard would do ANYTHING to get his name on that proposed new FBI building. Why do you think he outlined 9 crimes that hillary committed and said they were not something to prosecute? Funny thing is, the money appropriated for the new FBI building was squashed!!! Saw it in the Houston newspaper when it happened. Buried on about page 6 of the Chronicle! This is all SO OBVIOUS!!!!
    why has this NEVER BEEN MENTIONED on FOX????

  3. This would mean that not a single “Russian agent”, not one, tried to connect with the Trump campaign people. It was all DOJ/.FBI/CIA. Lynch/Comey/Brennan

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