BOMBSHELL News About the Mueller Report from ABC News


Update: The report has been submitted to Attorney General Bill Barr, according to Fox News this afternoon at 5 p.m. EST.  The leaks should be out soon.


Democrats are anxiously awaiting the results of the Mueller report which is allegedly on its way to the Attorney General or has been given to him. For two years, they have insisted that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians. There is proof, they claim, but that might be completely false.

There will be disappointment and recriminations if a new report from ABC News is accurate.

Rod Rosenstein himself allegedly says that the Mueller report will in no way disparage anyone who was not charged with a crime.

ABC’s Jon Karl warned last year that the report won’t do what the Democrats want it to do.

The news outlet says the speculation has been “totally uninformed”, adding, “Do not expect a harsh condemnation of President Donald Trump or any of his associates if they have not been charged with crimes.

They are getting this from a letter written by Rosenstein last June which provides a “road map” to the Mueller Report:

In the letter, Rosenstein makes it clear he believes the Department of Justice will not – and cannot without violating long-standing Department of Justice policy – include disparaging or incriminating information about anybody who has not been charged with a crime.

“Punishing wrongdoers through judicial proceedings is only one part of the Department’s mission,” Rosenstein wrote. “We also have a duty to prevent the disclosure of information that would unfairly tarnish people who are not charged with crimes.”

Rosenstein is emphatic on this point: “In fact, disclosing uncharged allegations against American citizens without a law-enforcement need is considered to be a violation of a prosecutor’s trust.”

Rosenstein also made it clear the rule applies to anyone under investigation, “no matter who an investigation involves.” He includes:

“…an ordinary citizen, a local or state politician, a campaign official, a foreign agent, an officer of the federal legislative, executive, or judicial branch — agents and prosecutors are obligated to protect its confidentiality.”

Sources have also told ABC that “there are no more indictments coming from the special counsel.”

In other words, for Democrats, this report will be a “dud.” The President might already know this since he has said he wants it released.

The letter was in response to then-Judiciary Chair Sen. Grassley’s request for more information.


One must wonder why it took ABC News ten months to release this, on what might be the eve of the report’s release.

Did they want to allow speculation to run wild to destroy the President’s reputation? And now they want to restore their reputation, perhaps?

If the President is not going to be disparaged, will the media and people like Adam Schiff apologize? It’s not likely. Schiff opened his investigation today.

The report titled, Letter from deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein offers a potential road map to special counsel Robert Mueller’s probeis actually a bombshell about the Mueller report and the title downplays the report.

The fact that they knew this for ten months and let the President suffer is unconscionable. Continuing the ruinous nature of their reporting is despicable. This is why no one trusts the media.


Read AG Bill Barr’s Letter to Lawmakers About the Mueller Report


  1. The Democrats have lost their collective minds. No not just since Donald Trump was elected President. It started when Johnson was elected and just got worse and worse ever since. Today I wonder how they can even call themselves Democrats and not The National Socialist Peoples Party

    • Spot on,every 2020 candidate should be asked why they are running on the Dem ticket because they are all Socialist,Marxists and Communists

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