BOMBSHELL NEWS from Today’s Testimony on Capitol Hill


On Tuesday, Inspector General Michael Horowitz testified in a joint Congressional hearing to the House Oversight and House Judiciary panels about his review of the FBI’s handling of the Clinton email scandal.

Paul Sperry has been following the hearings and blasting out bombshell news.

Horowitz confirmed that there indeed was an original draft of his 568 page report that was subsequently redlined by the DOJ/FBI higher-ups. It’s imperative that Congress obtain this early version.

Inspector General Horowitz confirmed that he is investigating allegations that FBI officials “edited” agents’ 302 summary reports of interviews with witnesses and suspects in the 2016-2017 investigations (including Gen. Flynn).

Then there’s this: Inspector General Michael Horowitz revealed the FBI never named a target or even a subject in the Clinton email probe!

In other words, Clinton and her minions — her top aides — were never under investigation in 2015 or 2016. Hillary Clinton was never the subject of the investigation.

Also from Sperry, IG Horowitz just testified that of the unidentified other pro-Clinton FBI investigators referred for discipline was one of the agents who interviewed Hillary Clinton on July 2, 2016, along with Strzok.

The IG also shot down the media/Democrat talking point. Horowitz testified, “We did NOT find no bias in regard to the October 2016 events.” Strzok’s choice to make pursuing the Russia espionage case a bigger priority than reopening the Clinton espionage case suggested “that was a BIASED decision”


House Oversight Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) was in fighting mode Tuesday in a a joint hearing held by the House Oversight and House Judiciary Committees.

Gowdy ripped into Comey in his opening statement, stating, “we can’t survive with a justice system we don’t trust.”

Horowitz stated,“Nobody was listed as a subject of this [Clinton email] investigation at any point in time,” adding this was “surprising”

Watch Trey Gowdy:

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