Bombshell….Obamacare Is in Meltdown


Obamacare is melting down. Take Tennesse as an example. Tennessee will likely be the first state program to go, the Wall Street Journal reported. Premium increases are up to 62% and the exchange market is near collapse. Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Tennessee faced an unsustainable loss of $500 million over the course of three years. They have headed for the exit and they aren’t the first nor last of the companies to flee.

About 60% of Tennesseans will lose their insurance.

Seventy-three out of Tennessee’s 95 counties will have only one insurer on the exchange. Competition is nonexistent.

The rate increases authorized in late August include an average of 62% for BlueCross BlueShield, 46% for Cigna and 44% for Humana.

The problems are the same in every state to varying degrees, it’s just that Tennessee will be the first to collapse.

ObamaCare exchange buyers will have only one option in nearly a third of American counties, according to an August report from the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation. That’s a 300% increase in single-option counties from last year. Twenty-five states and the District of Columbia have approved rates leading to average premium increases next year of over 26%.

Rep. Paul Ryan will rally with Donald Trump this weekend and he has said that he will repeal Obamacare if Donald Trump wins the presidency. If Hillary wins, she will move the country to Single Payer, which is clearly an outgrowth of Communist ideology. If the government controls your health, there is hardly anything they can’t control in your life.

Hillarycare was very similar to Obamacare except worse. The fines and penalties were far more severe which has caused some people to call it StalinCare.

In a rare moment of honesty, Bill Clinton said this:

Within days of those comments, he said he supported it and it’s really quite good. He is trying to say Obamacare works but the problems have to be corrected. What is really going on is Hillary wants to say the only solution is more of what they did in the form of Single Payer health insurance. He is setting that up.

Healthcare under Hillary Clinton will be unrecognizable.

It’s amazing how these people keep spending and adding to the debt and deficit and have no plan whatsoever to curtail spending, only increase it. Even when the budget is cut slightly, it’s a cut to the increase.

Trump says Hillary doesn’t know what she’s doing and he has a point. As Colin Powell said, she “screws up” everything she “touches” and does it with “hubris.”

Former press secretary for George W. Bush, Dana Perino gives a good summary here:

While this disaster is unfolding, California is negotiating with a willing federal government to cover illegals. The people no longer have anything to say. They are insane!

Hillary’s daughter said Hillary wants to give Obamacare to illegals.

Hillary wants to start by adding a public option. There can be no competition with a public option because the government has unlimited access to the taxpayer ATM. Hillary keeps talking about us all being “Stronger Together” and what she means is we have to turn into the Collective. Democrats in Congress have already begun preparations for Single Payer by introducing the public option.

Remember when Michelle Obama said Hillary shouldn’t be president because she can’t even run her own house?

Look at a few of the increases.



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