Bombshell Report of “FISA Abuse”, Clinton’s Anti-Trump Dossier Used to Obtain FISA


Barack Obama’s administration politicized every agency and the corruption seems to extend to the FISA court. A bombshell report published Wednesday by Sara Carter confirmed that Hillary’s fake Russia dossier was used by the FBI to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on Donald Trump’s campaign team.

This has also been suggested by Representatives Jordan and Meadows who are bound by confidentiality requirements. Senator Lindsey Graham has also suggested there is something wrong with how the dossier was obtained. Several committees, including the House Intelligence Committee, have the FISA warrants in hand.

Sara Carter reported that much of the “evidence” in the 35-page dossier is either disproven or unsubstantiated. It was, nevertheless, likely used by the FBI to receive a FISA court warrant to spy on the Trump campaign.

Other evidence was allegedly used according to Carter’s sources.

More information is coming this week about “FISA abuse,” Carter wrote. Her sources said:

“(The dossier) certainly played a role in obtaining the warrant,” added another senior U.S. official, with knowledge of the dossier. “Congress needs to look at the FBI officials who were handling this case and see what, if anything, was verified in the dossier. I think an important question is whether the FBI paid anything to the source for the dossier.”

One very senior source said the dossier played “a significant role” in obtaining the warrant Hannity said on his radio show Wednesday.

Hillary Clinton would have made Joe Goebbels proud. Don’t forget that Hillary Clinton and John Podesta planned a Russia conspiracy within 24 hours of her losing the election.

Hannity discussed it on his radio show and mentioned it on his TV show.

Dan Bongino said Thursday, it’s about to “burst”.

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