Bombshell Reviews! Clinton Campaign ‘Collusion’, FISA, Origins of Russia Probe


Attorney General William P. Barr said Wednesday that he will probe whether the Clinton campaign’s payments to a company using a former British spy who collected information from Russian sources amounted to collusion.

Barr is also looking into FISA abuse and the origins of the Russia probe. He also expressed dismay over the fact that Donald Trump was not given a defensive briefing.


Barr stated that the review he is conducting into “the activities over the summer of 2016,” will include looking at the Clinton campaign payments to a company using a former British spy who collected information from Russians amounted to collusion. That is in reference to the unverified garbage dossier.

“That’s something that I am reviewing,” Mr. Barr told the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee made payments — hidden behind law firm Perkins Coie — to Fusion GPS. The purpose was to pay the former MI-6 spy, Christopher Steele to gather opposition research on Mr. Trump.

Steele produced the dossier which contained salacious and discredited allegations made by Russians.

Mr. Grassley said it was ironic that Mr. Trump has now been cleared of conspiracy with Russia to subvert the 2016 election, but the Clinton campaign who hired a foreign national — Mr. Steele — who relied on information that may have been planted by Russia has not faced the same scrutiny.

“That’s the definition of collusion,” Mr. Grassley said.

Mr. Barr has not reached any conclusions but said it is possible Steele was used by Russia to spread a disinformation campaign. He said he doesn’t think it is “entirely speculative.”


Sen. Richard Durbin, Illinois Democrat, mocked the GOP’s lines of inquiry, saying Mrs. Clinton’s emails, her handling of the 2012 terrorist attack on the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi and other questions were old news.

“That is totally unresponsive to the reality of what the American people want to know,” he said.

Actually, that’s not true, Dicky.

Whenever Democrats do anything wrong, it’s “old news,” but if they want to get rid of a Republican, like Justice Kavanaugh, 38 years [and no evidence] isn’t too old.


Barr also didn’t understand why the Obama administration didn’t follow through on the Russian interference.

It did happen under his watch.

The Attorney General also said he didn’t understand why the administration didn’t provide Donald Trump with a defensive briefing.


There was a tense exchange over the Don McGahn accusation and potential obstruction of justice. At one point, Barr said he was surprised Robert Mueller didn’t make a decision on the obstruction charge.

We think Barr won this one. What do you think?


Barr is also concerned about the FISA process, the handling of the Clinton probe, and how the investigation started.


Democrats are getting desperate and somewhat deranged, accusing Barr of lying under oath. Rep. David N. Cicilline, chairman of the House Democratic Policy and Communications Committee, accused him of lying and Nadler said he testified untruthfully.

They are undoubtedly referencing his previous testimony saying that he, Barr, didn’t know how Mueller felt although he had Mueller’s now-publicized letter in hand. Barr didn’t lie. He answered the question literally and honestly. The Democrats poor questioning is not Barr’s failure or lie.

As far as the Mueller letter, as Barr said, and which Democrats ignore, Mueller told Barr in a subsequent phone call, and Mueller was “very clear” that Barr’s report was accurate.

Crazy Adam Schiff wants Barr to resign. We would like to see that liar Schiff resign.

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4 years ago

If Barr is going to investigate the Clintons then he had better increase his security significantly and hire a food taster.

4 years ago

What is it with Ben Sasse’s questioning. Can you get Any More broad in questioning the AG. It would be more appropriate in a speech on the floor .In all that he says why not just ask the question, Should we eliminate FARA altogether and make it illegal to represent any foreign entity.

4 years ago

What is it with dense Democrats. It’s as if they are incapable of ‘comprehending’ the words people speak. When Candace Owens was in front of Nadler, he accused and admonished her for referring to a member as “stupid”.

I’m still waiting to hear someone ask Barr about how the report makes an attempt ‘tear out’ the Statute, 1512(c)(2), as a standalone law, in an of itself, contrary to DOJ rules of procedure. The way in which Weismann was applying law would indict anyone and everyone who ever spoke out against a prosecution.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
4 years ago

A circus show.