BOMBSHELL…Rome’s Real Pope Will Release a Tell-All Memoir on Why He Was Ousted


Pope Benedict has referred to “filth” at the highest levels [he was referencing child-molesting priests] that he says he could do nothing about. That is why Pope Benedict said he retired – with encouragement.

It’s rare for a Pope to retire and rarer still for a Pope to release a memoir about why he might have been pushed into retirement.

Popes don’t retire, they die.

Pope Benedict XVI has lived a secluded life in a convent since he retired in 2013. He is now working with a German journalist, Peter Seewald.

The memoirs, Benedict XVI: The Last Conversations, will be out in mid-September.

One of the more interesting exposés involves Benedict’s struggle with the “powerful gay lobby of four or five important players who worked to influence decisions at the highest levels”.

The lobby has been known for years but they didn’t have the power they do now.

Pope Benedict tried to break them up and couldn’t. They forced him to retire out of exhaustion but he said he retired freely.

It was difficult for him to combat the “filth that is in the church”, he said. In the book, he discusses how many tried to stop his attempts at reforms.

The church lied to us and said he was becoming too aged to travel.

Update: 9/2016: The Daily Beast reports that the memoirs have been published and Pope Benedict says he is ready to die. He has kept the juicier tidbits private and his diaries will be destroyed.

In 2013, the Daily Mail reported that “the filth” he referred to concerned those priests who kept child abuse secret, and who were involved in gay sex rings and money laundering scams.

Source: The Daily Beast



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