Bombshell! Video of Beto’s Staff Hoping No One Ever Finds Out!


This is bad! Shouldn’t someone go to jail?

Robert Francis ‘Beto’ O’Rourke’s campaign staff used pre-paid cards for Honduran alien supplies and transporting aliens to “airports…bus stations. A staffer says, “none of this is like sh*t there is a rulebook for.”

“If you get caught in some sort of violation that’s like a $50,000 fine…For me, I can just ignore the rules and I’m like f*ck it.”

Field Organizer Anapaula Themann is quoted as saying, “I just hope nobody that’s the wrong person finds out about this.”

Another campaign staffer, Field Manager Dominic Chacon says, “I can ignore the rules and I’m like f**k it. I don’t mind breaking the rules and I can defend any position.”

A staffer says she sent confirming texts to the Director.

Imagine if Trump’s campaign did this? Remember the mess over whether he used campaign funds to pay off Stormy? They thought they had the President. Where’s the FBI? Get them after the real criminals.

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