Bombshell! Whistleblower #1 has “significant” ties to a 2020 Dem candidate


On Friday, we reported that the first whistleblower in the Trump-Ukraine case is a registered Democrat who had a professional, working relationship with a 2020 Democratic candidate. It seems it was a bit more than that.

The CIA whistleblower is said to have “had a significant” connection to a 2020 Democrat presidential candidate who is challenging President Donald Trump in the election.

“In an Aug. 26 letter, the Intelligence Community’s inspector general, Michael Atkinson, wrote that the anonymous whistleblower who set off the Trump-Ukraine impeachment fight showed ‘some indicia of an arguable political bias … in favor of a rival political candidate,’” The Examiner’s Byron York wrote.

“Now, however, there is word of more evidence of possible bias on the whistleblower’s part. Under questioning from Republicans during last Friday’s impeachment inquiry interview with Atkinson, the inspector general revealed that the whistleblower’s possible bias was not that he was simply a registered Democrat,” York continued.

“It was that he had a significant tie to one of the Democratic presidential candidates currently vying to challenge President Trump in next year’s election.”

Two people with knowledge of what was said told York, the IG said [the whistleblower] worked or had some type of professional relationship with one of the Democratic candidates.

A third person said, “What [Atkinson] said was that the whistleblower self-disclosed that he was a registered Democrat and that he had a prior working relationship with a current 2020 Democratic presidential candidate.”

It might not be related, but the whistleblower’s lead attorney Andrew Bakaj gave a small donation to Joe Biden and helped him in his campaign.

This information came from the intel Inspector General himself. This isn’t suspicious at all of course. Nothing to see here.

Can’t Democrats find normal people? Democrats are picking out fanatics to testify and overturn the 2016 election.

This must be why they want the whistleblower to testify in disguise, behind a screen, with a voice modulator. This is insane!

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herbert r richmond
3 years ago

This is a CIA sponsored coup led by the Democrats and RINO Republicans paid for by Globalists.

3 years ago

It’s clear democrats are trying to rig the impeachment. Their plan falls apart at almost every part that is examined. The “whistleblower” scam isn’t working, although the democrats keep pushing it, knowing the world knows it’s a lie.

Chris Nash
Chris Nash
3 years ago

EVERYTHING democrats say about Trump is made up , not a single thing going back three entire years has turned out to be true.

Lew Giere
Lew Giere
3 years ago

Sounds like there is no whistle blower at all.
It’s all made up !!!