Bonkers! Dems Freak Over Kanye West Meeting with the President


Kanye West’s visit to the White House brought out the angry Democrats. They mocked his illness and criticized everything he said.

Kanye went to the White House to discuss bringing manufacturing to Chicago and getting jobs for ex-cons. Those are laudable goals.

His wife Kim Kardashian was asked about his upcoming visit and was fully supportive.

“I’m proud of my husband,” the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, 37, told Extra on Tuesday, October 9. “He’s going to the White House in a few days to go talk about the city of Chicago and to help with some really exciting things. … I’m really hopeful that the president listens and can make that happen.”

He went to the meeting wearing a MAGA hat, told the President he loved him and gave him a hug.


The lefties torched Kanye.

“That was bonkers,” host Ali Velshi said.

“But if you think you’re going to get a thoughtful play by play and political analysis, you’re not, because that was an assault on our White House,” white Stephanie Ruhle said.

“You can’t analyze some of that stuff that was said,” Velshi continued.

He warned the viewers that there may have been “profanity” in Kanye’s rant, stating, “we were able to bleep some of it out, but there was, uh, some of it did make it in there.”

“That was crazy. That was bonkers,” he said again.

“It’s stunning, Ali, that that just took place,” white Ruhle said. “And even the president would say, this was just supposed to be a lunch. That’s an outright lie. … This was absolutely a press opportunity.”

Donna Brazile thinks Kanye set blacks back 155 years. She said that because she doesn’t agree with his comments about welfare and the urban plantations.

CNN’s Don Lemon, famous for thinking the missing MH370 jet went into a black hole, called Kanye West’s meeting a “minstrel show.”
Jim Acosta posted that Kanye used the “MF” curse, but Ben Shapiro had the perfect response.

Benny Johnson had a great response too!



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