Book Review: Losing the War in Vietnam But Winning the War to Reclaim My Soul


Losing the war

For those soldiers who have sacrificed so much for their country and have returned from war battling PTSD, this is a must-read. The author, Mr. Frank DiScala offers invaluable advice and contacts for Veterans with PTSD to get the help they need to rebuild their lives

It’s a must-read for every caring American.

Our military give so much and returning to civilian life after war is a painful struggle. They leave the war but the war doesn’t leave them.

Author’s Summary:

“As I was sitting in the VA Hospital thinking about committing suicide, I never thought I could recover. From the despair of not wanting to live, I have been able to rebound to a point where all I can think about is how to help our soldiers not to become a suicide statistic. This amazing transformation happened because of my faith, family, and friends.”

As Frank DiScala was in that dark pit of despair, he decided to make a covenant with God; asking God to extend a helping hand. God did so in his own way and on his own time table by sending him a lifelong friend to guide me back to life. Now life is precious, and this book is a reflection of recovery.

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