Booker Calls for Release of Gang Leader He Calls a Nonviolent Offender


Ann Coulter says when the MSM says someone is “in prison for a nonviolent crime, they’re always lying.” That is a premise worth investigating and we have one sample case right here.

Over the weekend, Leanne Caldwell reported that prisoner William Underwood is a nonviolent criminal convicted of a minor drug crime. She wants him out of prison. Cory Booker later told a reporter “there’s just is no argument to make as to why we’re spending billions of dollars” to incarcerate people like him.

Ann Coulter took the time to investigate. This is what she found:

Here are some excerpts from a Newsday article on Underwood’s conviction, dated Jan. 10, 1990:

“A rock band manager was convicted yesterday as the head of a vicious Harlem drug gang that prosecutors said carried out six murders, including the controversial slaying of a witness in 1983.”

Caldwell didn’t bother to mention Underwood’s SIX MURDERS?

NBC: We don’t have room for everything. These stories are only so long.

“William Underwood, 36, faces up to life in prison without parole for his conviction in U.S. District Court in Manhattan on charges of racketeering and operating a continuing criminal enterprise — the so-called federal narcotics ‘kingpin’ law.” 

It’s weird that Caldwell never managed to turn up the fact that he was convicted of being the kingpin of a drug empire, distributing heroin throughout Harlem in the 1980s. “Yes, your honor, I was convicted of operating a CONTINUING CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE — but it’s my first offense.”

“A federal jury found him guilty of heading the murderous and now-broken Vigilantes drug gang … known for extraordinary violence. All told, police say, it may have killed as many as 23 people.”

I feel like Caldwell may not have gone the extra mile in researching this story. 

The evidence against Underwood included the testimony of more than 50 witnesses, undercover video-recordings and confessions of Vigilante gang members — which is especially impressive, considering that he ordered the murder of witnesses preparing to testify against him. (I guess he couldn’t kill all 50.) In addition to killing witnesses, Underwood’s outfit killed customers, members of rival drug gangs and innocent passersby. 

In a 1988 article titled, “Brutal Drug Gangs Wage War of Terror in Upper Manhattan,” The New York Times reported that Underwood’s heroin operation was “considered by law-enforcement experts to be the most dangerous drug gang in Harlem.” All told, the gangs were “believed to be responsible for as many as 523 slayings in upper Manhattan in the last five years.”  Read more at the Cleburne Times-Review

That is a lot of dead black people. Does anyone care?

Tucker Carlson says the reason why the media and Democrats lie about these violent criminals to get them released isn’t a mystery. They believe the criminal isn’t responsible, it’s all of us, America is causing this. Booker says our prisons are the “new Jim Crow”.

That does seem to be at the core of this, but it is also a way to play to their base — felons.

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4 years ago

The more one reads about the Demonrat candidates and et als, the more it is evident and obvious that they are interested in one thing and one thing ONLY…………..TOTAL CONTROL OF AMERICAN POLITICS……,….if they get it, it sure won’t be pretty.

Flotmorton p. Gildersleeve
Flotmorton p. Gildersleeve
4 years ago

BOOKER DA HOOKER, is vying with Harris for the world’s biggest liar and slimy creature from the swamp.