Booker can’t beat up Trump since he’s an ‘out of shape, physically weak specimen’


Speaking Monday on NBC’s “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” Cory Booker said he would like to beat President Donald Trump physically but he is an “elderly, out-of-shape man” and “physically weak specimen.” This was in response to some stranger asking him to beat up Donald Trump.

This is the presidential candidate who talks of ‘civil grace’ and tolerance. He repeated Joe Biden’s nonsense about President Trump being another George Wallace. Wallace was a segregationist DEMOCRAT. He made his comments while on a leftist so-called comedy show — all the comedy shows are nothing more than political leftist indoctrination.

Booker claims he’s morally strong and will show us all the way.

This was on an alleged comedy show. That gives the left more freedom to say vile things while they complain about the right’s allegedly unacceptable comments.

Booker, who wants to release from prison a man responsible for about 25 murders, also touted his credentials on credential justice reform. On one show, he proposed releasing nearly half the prison population.

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