Booker Introduces a Reparations Bill to Make the Innocent Pay for Slavery


With all the leftist Democrat candidates trying to rise to the top, each one has to compete with the others to sound more radical than the last. Cory Booker needed to do something more dramatic since he’s losing in the polls. So he decided to introduce a bill for reparations which currently has no chance of passing.

He’s escalating the divide.

It’s a companion bill to one introduced in the House of Representatives in January by crazy Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas to study the damage done by slavery and post-slavery discrimination and calculate the reparations needed.

This is so insane, but we have gone over all that already.

“Since slavery in this country, we have had overt policies fueled by white supremacy and racism that have oppressed African-Americans economically for generations,” Booker added. “Many of our bedrock domestic policies that have ushered millions of Americans into the middle class have systematically excluded blacks through practices like GI Bill discrimination and redlining.”

So far, reparations are backed by these presidential candidates: Sen. Kamala Harris of California; Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts; Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont; former San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, who served as housing secretary under President Barack Obama; South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg; former Rep. Beto O’Rourke of Texas; Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii; and businessman and entrepreneur Andrew Yang.

He is an anti-white bigot who is painting every white person with the same brush. He and his Democrat colleagues seem to want a race war.


We will also need reparations for native-Americans, Irish, Chinese, and Japanese Americans. Who did I leave out? How shall we choose? Do immigrants have to pay as well as people who never owned slaves or did a mean thing to a black person? Who gets the reparations and how do they prove it?

This is so divisive, extreme, and ridiculous.

He is Spartacus, you know.

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