Booker Wants to Martial Law Enforcement Against White Supremacy & Hate


Elitist Cory Booker, who grew up wealthy and only went to the best schools, has a plan to open an office to fight white supremacy and hate crimes in the White House if he becomes President.

Instead of that, as the former mayor of Newark, he should hand out bottled water to the people who now have a similar problem to Flint with lead pipes. He was the mayor and that problem didn’t start overnight. He let all those people down.

That is the latest scandal to be dealt with since the fake Russia collusion story flopped. Everyone who isn’t a globalist or some type of leftist is a white supremacist. Just ask the NY Times.

Via Reuters:

NEW YORK (Reuters) – U.S. Senator Cory Booker on Thursday said he would create a White House office to combat white supremacy and hate crimes if elected, becoming the latest Democratic presidential candidate to call for action after a racially motivated massacre in Texas.

Booker said he would also require the FBI and the Justice Department to allocate the same level of resources and attention to white supremacist-inspired violence as they devote to international terrorism.

Booker compared the White House Office on Hate Crimes and White Supremacist Violence to any agency that presidents have set up to deal with major domestic crises like the one on AIDS.

The fascistic Booker would have the FBI and other law enforcement conduct assessments on hate crime and white supremacist threats. They would be advised by community leaders they choose. Obviously, they would be leftists.

This whole thing smacks of a police state under the guise of going after white supremacists. The FBI goes after them now.

No one is talking about the threat of communism and socialism. That’s because this is who they are comfortable with.

There are white supremacists but there aren’t a lot of them, not as many or as many as powerful as today’s communists/socialists.

It’s just another political ploy to throw hate Trump’s way. If they attack Trump, they attack Trump supporters. Half the country is on their hate meter.

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