Border Patrol announces shocking apprehensions before dawn


Just under 1,000 people were caught crossing the border in three large groups before dawn today in only two sectors. They were mostly family units since those are the ones who are allowed to just walk in and wait for a quick release.

Democrats don’t want borders. The plan is to dilute the population with foreigners they can manipulate for votes, giving them the permanent electoral majority.

This is insanity.


The Department of Justice filed a new report on illegal aliens in our Federal prisons which was highlighted on The Ingraham Angle last night.

Out of the 60,000 illegal aliens in Federal prisons, 68 percent already had a federal removal order against them. Of those in BOP custody, 21 percent are illegal aliens and of the total number in Marshals Service custody, 38 percent are individuals here illegally.

As U.S. Attorney for Virginia Matthew Terwilliger explained last evening on ‘Ingraham’, when you have 38 percent in Marshals’ custody, that’s a staggering use of resources on one problem.

The Marshals service alone spends about half a billion dollars to cater to criminal illegal aliens.

At a time when we need the Marshals hunting down fugitives, providing security in courthouses, doing what they do, we are tying them up and spending this much — in the midst of an opioid epidemic with rising crime rates in certain places — on one problem. It is “really staggering,” Terwilliger said (go to 28:00 on the mark).

The illegal aliens are in for a range of offenses, 46 percent are in custody for very serious crimes, including huge loads of drugs. Many are MS-13.

A lot of these people are multi-time deportees.

Keep in mind that state prisons have many more aliens in custody than the federal government.


Since the 9th Circuit issued a favorable ruling on the Stay in Mexico policy, the President will make a move on that. It will help.

Staff at the office of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) are preparing to enforce President Donald Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy, which returns asylum seekers to Mexico while they await a hearing. USCIS officials told staffers to ready themselves for enforcement of the policy, according to emails obtained by the Los Angeles Times.

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