Border Patrol Shifted to Hospital Watch & Driving Illegal Aliens Around


In a press release posted late Wednesday night, U.S. Customs and Border Protection announced that 750 border agents have been pulled from their posts at the ports of entry in California, Arizona, and Texas, in order to provide humanitarian care for the flood of illegal aliens coming across the border, including “hospital watch and transportation.”

A top Border Patrol official announced on Wednesday that they have now reached the breaking point, and are on track to apprehend over 100,000 illegal aliens in the month of March alone.

Secretary Nielsen sent a letter yesterday to Congress begging them to help.

The gates are wide open for criminals and terrorists. Even Obama’s DHS Chief says it’s a crisis.

Tom Homan summarizes the horror.


While this is going on, the evil little Omar is condemning Americans.

Democrats [socialists] like Omar are saying there is no crisis at the border while they blame Trump for the crisis at the border. Omar is condemning the so-called treatment of the invaders while she and her fellow Democrats won’t give Trump the resources to do something about it.

She is not alone. The other day, Joe Biden said English jurisprudence is white culture. The rule of law, that which protects all of us, is not white culture. It is what Democrats do when they don’t want us to give them a good argument.


This year 75,000, then 87,000, and 24,000 anonymous people were released, never to be seen again. Over the next few days, Border Patrol will release about 5,600 into the Rio Grande Valley because there is no place to put them.

This is what CBP is doing in lieu of protecting our nation. The photo below is lovely, but while he is doing this, criminals can just walk across the border anywhere. Excuse me, we don’t have a border and this isn’t a country.


Democrats don’t care about the citizens, and some Republicans too. A prime example is what was just done in New York.

A small change in New York’s criminal law will enable thousands of illegal immigrants and green-card holders to stay. They won’t be deported, detained or denied citizenship, officials said Friday.

Gov. Cuomo and the state Legislature agreed to reduce the maximum jail sentence for some Class A misdemeanors from 365 days to 364. Keep in mind that these types of misdemeanors are in almost every case plea-bargained down from a felony.

A year in jail can lead to deportation and this is Cuomo’s run-around.

He wants — Democrats want — criminal illegal aliens to remain in the United States.

The change will “protect thousands of New Yorkers from these unnecessary, harsh immigration consequences,” the lunatic hard-left Immigration Defense Project said.

This is just one of the many ways, Democrats show they want to keep illegal aliens here, even criminals. They are replacing the U.S. population with a more easily manipulated one. Eventually, these criminals vote and influence our policies to suit them.