Border Patrol VP reports AOC was abusive, threatening to agents


Hector Garza, the President for Local 2455 in Laredo, Texas and NBPC Vice President At-Large, called on CBP to immediately release the photos of the holding facilities AOC and others call “concentration camps” with people “drinking out of toilets.”

He wants the matter of who is telling the truth immediately. He wants the video footage released as well.

AOC claimed Border Patrol agents were sexually and physically threatening to her, but Mr. Garza said AOC went up to the agents and abused them.

He told Neil Cavuto, “Speaking to agents that were at that facility, they say that AOC walked in there beginning a war against our agents. And just to let you know, Neil, there is footage where Ocasio-Cortez is actually going up to our agents and being very threatening and being very abusive with the border patrol agents. And that video is in the hands of CBP right now, the headquarters and we hope that CBP releases that footage.”

Hispanic Pastors just toured the same facility AOC toured and were shocked by the misinformation spread around. They found the facility to be clean and well-run. Everyone had basic necessities [which I am reasonably sure they didn’t have on their trip].

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