Border Union Chief on Terrorist Threat: “…I Guarantee It Will Be Worse Than 9/11”


Border Union President Kenneth Palinkas

A border union chief believes without doubt that we are facing terrorist attacks worse than 9/11 because of the president’s liberal programs which allow people to come into the United States without proper vetting.

National Citizenship and Immigration Service union president, Kenneth Palinkas, said deportations are “extremely down”. The deportation program is “catch and release”, Palinkas explained.

Unless the detainee is convicted of a heinous crime and the person is an aggravated felon, they are detained for about 9 months and..”

The administration gets to decide the disposition of the case. They can no longer bring the case before a judge. As adjudicating officers, they [agents] did have the authority to bring them before an immigration judge. They can no longer do that.

Bad guys getting in is entirely possible. “Now we have homegrown terrorism and now with these other programs that the president wanted to put through, they’re not going to be properly vetted because the people that were going to do the job of vetting these people, remember it’s on an application, it’s not an interview, so you’re only going to get so much information out of that form,” Palinkas said. “You’re only going to have a form and how many documents they submit.”

Thousands of new employees will be hired and inexperienced people will be doing the vetting.

“If this goes unabated, we could be looking at something very scary,” Neil Cavuto said.

Palinkas agreed.

“Absolutely! Coming from all sides, from within and without. That’s the problem we’re faced with.”

“Worse than 9/11,” Cavuto asked.

“Absolutely, I guarantee it will be worse than 9/11,” Palinkas said without question.

“Because we don’t know who the hell is here,” Cavuto asked.

“No, we don’t,” Palinkas answered.

All those people who applied legally are at the back of the line while all the people who did it illegally are at the front of the line.

Applications for amnesty are a joke. The sample form below was leaked by an official from the former Border Patrol officers. I don’t know if they’ve been improved but this is where they are coming from.

ICE screening for amnesty