Borders Are Open, Amnesty Is Complete


Daniel Horowitz wrote in Breitbart that congress and the president have already given amnesty and of course they have. They have forgiven illegals for entering our nation without permission and they have given them the benefits afforded citizens in violation of the constitution.

Amnesty is defined by Merriam-Webster as a decision that a group of people will not be punished or that a group of prisoners will be allowed to go free. We are doing that. Congress and the president are tripping all over themselves providing amnesty in the form of welfare, housing, health services and education to those here illegally. That is amnesty. Criminals are being allowed in – Obama has pardoned them implicitly in some cases and explicitly in others.

Congress has the power of the purse and they need to use it to stop this violation of constitutional law.

Border patrol agents have been singled out for a large and extraordinary pay cut which requires them to work overtime without compensation. Sens. Chaffetz and McCain are working to help the agents keep their overtime pay.

This is all going down while agents are being forced to babysit and play nursemaid to children coming across the border illegally, a practice encouraged by Obama.

Agents are now the hired help and part-time social workers while drug dealers make frequent trips back-and-forth across the border in full view of agents. There aren’t enough agents to stop them.

See for yourself:

Obama’s response is to ship them to other states, put them on welfare and give them liberal lawyers so they don’t get deported. I guess this is one of the plans Jeh came up with.

Some of the children coming over are gang members and are obviously not children. The agents cannot stop them. They have been ordered to not deport them.

Listen to this agent:

The National Border Patrol Council was accused of tweeting racist comments.

The tweet in question said: ‘”the agency describes low morale, and these are the ‘New annual job rating areas: Babysitting, Diaper Changing, Burrito Wrapping, Cleaning Cells.”

Apparently you are not allowed to say “Burrito wrapping” any longer, it’s not PC though it merely refers to what food they help make. Accusing them of racism is another low blow by one moron that was repeated in the press. They are demonizing them like they demonized the soldiers who told the truth about Bergdahl.

More than 50,000 parent-less children have come across the border since October and many other illegals cross undetected. Hundreds come each day, often it’s over a thousand. Thousands are on trains traveling north as we speak.

Joe Biden, also a treasonous administrator, wants an “unrelenting stream” of illegals in “significant flows” to bolster the economy. These children can only be dependents though we know some will now be gang members. They’re not bolstering anything.

Every illegal alien allowed to remain will be an anchor for chain migration so multiply each one of these people by several family members, even counting those already here they might be related to.

The children are also an excuse as well as a distraction from those who are entering to increase drug gang activity in the United States.

Terrorists are aligned with Central American drug gangs and they are also entering the country.

This administration is putting us in grave danger.

Almost two-thirds of adults who cross are not caught. Many adults are grabbing children and pretending they are a family because Obama  and DHS said families can’t be broken up.

We don’t know who these people are.

The number of unaccompanied minors from El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, et al has soared more than 1,000 percent, according to Border Patrol data. In fiscal year 2009, border agents apprehended 3,304 such children from those three countries. This year, that figure is now more than 48,000 and expected to continue to grow. The number of minors from Mexico crossing the border alone has dropped.

The AP reports that “the influx stems from word spreading that ICE does not hold children in detention and from misinformation about immigrant children who qualify for President Barack Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which protects some youth brought to the U.S. illegally from being deported. Others say the children are looking to reunite with parents who are already in the country.”

The Border Patrol posted tweets with photos of the deplorable conditions the children face, and we are posting some here.


*FILE** A Mara Salvatrucha, or MS-13, gang member.  MS-13 is one of the illegal alien gangs. (Associated Press)

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This administration is willing to use children as pawns and pretend they are doing their best to ease a humanitarian crisis they could do nothing about when it is obviously a crisis of their making.


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