Boston Globe attacks judge as lawless for refusing to let Antifa off the hook


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ayanna Pressley, two members of the “squad” held an event to raise bail for the violent Antifa who invaded the Straight Pride Parade recently held in Boston. The parade was small and harmless. It was led by Milo, a gay man married to a black man. Many marching were minorities.

It didn’t matter to these two congresswomen. They are pro-Antifa themselves. Apparently, the DA and Boston Globe are Antifa supporters too.

The Antifa thugs attacked the marchers and called them white supremacists. They attacked the police. In the melees that followed, the masked communist anarchists injured four police officers. Several Antifa thugs were arrested.

Judge Richard J. Sinnott

The far-left Suffolk District Attorney Rachael Rollins insisted that the thugs be shown leniency, but the Boston Municipal Court Judge Richard J. Sinnott chose to lay down the law.

“Again and again, as protesters arrested at the Straight Pride Parade in Boston came before a judge Tuesday, a Suffolk County prosecutor asked for leniency — for dismissal of the charges or release without bail,” The Boston Globe reported. “And again and again, Boston Municipal Court Judge Richard J. Sinnott said no.”

According to the Boston Herald, the judge also did something else Tuesday: He told the Antifa protesters to get the hell out and stay out of either Boston altogether or just downtown Boston.

“Three of the 18 anti-Straight Pride Parade protesters being arraigned Tuesday were ordered to ‘stay out of Boston’ by a judge who said he wouldn’t even allow one of them to visit relatives in Jamaica Plain,” the Herald reported.

Antifa thugs

“Benjamin Boyd, Kenneth Kraft Jr., and Timothy ‘Sage’ Rego were each arraigned on charges including assault and battery on a cop. All pleaded not guilty to shoving cops at the parade. Kraft is from Bethlehem, Pa. The other two are from Providence.”

The other Antifa thugs who were arraigned Tuesday were reportedly merely told to stay out of downtown Boston.

On Wednesday Rollins reportedly filed an emergency petition requesting that the state’s Supreme Judicial Court intervene in the matter and force Sinnott to let the Antifa-affiliated thugs off the hook.


Under Metro in the Boston Globe, not opinion, a columnist named Yvonne Abraham stuck up for Antifa, saying ” antifascist is apparently a bad thing now.”

Because the judge called them by their correct self-designated label — Antifa — Abraham called it a disparagement on the part of the judge.

That’s insane!

This is what the columnist wrote:

Over prosecutors’ objections, he refused to dismiss some of the minor cases, though attorneys say he has no right to do so.

The judge here appears to be acting entirely lawlessly,” said First Amendment attorney Harvey Silverglate. “It takes two to tango. If the DA decides that she does not want to tango with a defendant, the judge has no authority of which I’m aware to keep the prosecution alive.”

Perhaps Sinnott has a bee in his bonnet about these particular demonstrators, whom the right derisively calls “Antifa” — it is meant as a disparagement because being antifascist is apparently a bad thing now. The judge, who comes from a family with a background in law enforcement, is certainly sympathetic to police officers, who have been accused of being too rough with those they arrested on Saturday.

It’s clear that some Boston police officers share the right’s distaste for those who turned out to protest the cynical “Straight Pride” provocateurs. Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association vice president Lawrence Calderone told the Globe he was happy Sinnott was refusing to dismiss the cases. He said some of those facing charges are not residents of Boston, but “came here as agitators . . . to create havoc,” as if that meant they deserved fewer rights than city residents. And the police union’s newsletter refers to Antifa as a “police/military hate group,” calling it “PANTI-FA.” Get it? Panties! [poor snowflakes, can’t take a designation they’ve asked for]

[Emphasis mine]

The judge is lawless?  When people attack police officers, there is no right or left, just the rule of law. If these communist anarchists continue to get away with their crimes, we are a lawless country in chaos.

The only people causing trouble at the Straight Pride Parade were Antifa. No one else. The proscutor wants them all let off the hook. One judge stands in their way.

The world has gone mad.

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