Boston mayor updates law & requires police to mostly abandon ICE


Boston Mayor Marty Walsh

On Thursday, Democratic Mayor of Boston, Marty Walsh, signed an update to a Trust Act that is pro-illegal immigrant act according to WBUR. He partnered with illegal aliens and equates illegal aliens with legal immigrants.

The law details what local law enforcement is and isn’t allowed to do when interacting with ICE agents.

It does allow the Boston Police Department to cooperate with ICE when it comes to criminal investigations involving trafficking, smuggling, and other high-profile crimes.

What they are not allowed to do is assist or provide information to ICE agents looking for those who violated U.S. immigration law only, and who have not committed other crimes in the U.S.

One of the amendments includes prohibiting city police from providing personal information — like names, addresses, and physical descriptions, or information regarding a person’s release date.

ICE agents go into potentially dangerous areas — ganglands — and they will go in unprepared as they enforce the law of the land. The police know these areas and they know what to look out for, but they can’t help their brothers-in-arms by giving them very vital information.

It is a terrible decision, but it is the far-left, politically correct one.

The Boston Police’ gang database lists around 160 documented gangs, and now ICE agents will go into this not knowing what they are dealing with and basically blind when all the information is available.

The act mandates that city and BPD personnel and funds not be used to interrogate, detain or arrest a person solely for non-criminal immigration enforcement purposes, according to WBUR.

Boston officials have “no interest” in enforcing immigration laws concerning the border which they trivialize as ‘civil immigration law.’

So-called civil rights activists want more, much more, including no help with criminal illegal aliens.

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