Boston, St. Louis, Carson Daly’s Cap Bring Out the Loons – Must-See Video


Carson Daly

Host Carson Daly wore an NYPD cap and in light of the assassination of two NYPD police officers, that seems an appropriate thing to do. Unfortunately, we have an anti-police culture in New York City with no small thanks to Mayor Warren Wilhelm.

Some of the obnoxious tweets:

anti-police twitter messages

The previous one, Marc Krupanski is a leftist who describes himself as the program officer for the Open Society for Justice, a socialist George Soros organization tied to the White House. He wants far fewer arrests – more criminals on the street.

No surprises there!

The next one is a favorite. Carson Daly is a racist for wearing an NYPD cap.

racism if you wear an NYPD cap

That clown is followed by Barack Obama.

No surprises there!

He’s a managing journalist for left-wing and he’s an animal rights activist. He’s “nudging” for Obama.

More idiocy:

more idiocy

anti-police twitter messages   crazies_1

Boston had a chanting, nasty but peaceful die-in.

Boston die-in

In St. Louis, violent protesters stormed the police department. They then whined because they were maced.

They served an eviction notice first. They’re so idiotic that words fail me.

eviction notice

Must-see video:

Another message to Mayor de Blasio was flown over NYC yesterday. Michael Sheehan, 49, a retired Westchester County correction officer and the son of a Bronx NYPD detective, paid about $1,000 for the banner and flight. He said he hopes it embarrasses de Blasio aka Warren Wilhelm Jr.


Then there were these people who can renew our faith in America:

more anti-

then there are people like this

it's just a hat

I especially like Jennifer:

Jennifer has a head on her shoulders

more positive people

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