Both Must Have “an Opportunity to Testify Under Oath”, Confirmation On!


The confirmation vote for Judge Brett Kavanaugh is still scheduled for Thursday despite allegations by a Northern California Democrat that he assaulted her 36 years ago. Judge Kavanaugh’s accuser Christine Blasey Ford has said through her lawyer Debra Katz that she will testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

White House counsel Kellyanne Conway said on Fox & Friends this morning that Mrs. Ford should be heard but a confirmation should include the totality of the evidence. She also said that both must be allowed to testify under oath.

The Senate Judiciary Committee has come to a reasonable approach in hearing her out. This woman should not be ignored or insulted and she should be heard, Kellyanne said, but it “should not unduly delay the confirmation”.

“She should testify under oath. The Senate Judiciary Committee looks like they are heading that way. Judge Kavanaugh, who categorically denied these allegations, should also have an opportunity to address them under oath,” Ms. Conway said.

Christine Blasey Ford’s #MeToo lawyer Debra Katz says her client will testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee.



  1. From what the lawyer has said, not a single Senator from either side has made a call to ask for her testimony.

    The ‘way’ this unfolded I doubt there was any plan for further Senatorial hearings. Feinstein had initially tried to get the FBI involved and maybe expected that alone to derail the vote. Since that went nowhere the strategy had to escalate. So why wasn’t all the details immediately revealed. Simple, the social media accounts of this person in question had to first be scrubbed from the internet. There are residual details involving others close to both parties.

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