Brandeis Student Threatened Over “No Sympathy” for Murdered Cops Tweeter


Pro-Israel student activist and journalist Daniel Mael wrote an article about vile tweets sent by campus advisor Khadijah Lynch (pictured below) who said she had “no sympathy” for the two officers slain in New York City.

By writing his article, he was standing up for the New York City police and exposing a campus leader who should probably not be in a leadership position based on her hate speech alone. He wrote the article for Truth Revolt the same day that she tweeted.

In her tweets, she called for an’ Intifada’ in ‘Amerikkka’. Intifadas require the death of innocents.

One of her tweets: “lmao, all i just really dont have sympathy for the cops who were shot. i hate this racist fucking country.”

In one post she asked “what the fuck even IS ‘non-violence…the fact that black people have not burned this country down is beyond me” and “I am in riot mode.”

She stands by her statements.

Interestingly, she has Marxists supporting her, check out the commie fist in the logo:

commie Khadijah sign

In light of the accidental death of a 12-year old black boy by a white officer, she was angry and frustrated, she told the Boston Globe.

She said “it was hard for me to conjure sympathy for those police officers” shot to death in New York.

But, she added during the phone interview with the Globe, “Not having sympathy is not that same as rejoicing or saying that they deserved to die. I think all human life is valuable; I’m not a violent person; and I don’t condone violence. I was very sympathetic for the families.”

She was angry with Mael for simply writing about her tweets.

She told Truth Revolt that any publication of her Twitter posts was “slander.”

Really? Free speech for her but not others? How very Marxist of her.

Her comments are backed by the radical hate group Students for Justice in Palestine.

Khadija backed by hate group

After Mr. Mael wrote his article, he was viciously attacked and threatened by the Progressives online. The tweets he’s receiving are unbelievable. A call was even made to his grandmother.

He has been called a campus bully though she obviously is.

There have even been calls for him to be expelled though the university president said he will stand by Mr. Mael’s right to free speech.

Last year, Brandeis banned Hirsi Ali from speaking.Ironically, Brandeis University, was founded so that Jews, barred from most colleges by anti-Semitism, could get an education. The school was named after the Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis who stood for free speech.




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