Brave GOP Rep Defends Innocent MAGA Catholic Boys


What does it take for people to have some courage and check facts?  Brave Rep. Massie did both.

How many people have to suffer and be destroyed over false reporting.

The Covington boys did nothing wrong as we now know.

More politicians from both sides of the aisle need to wait for the facts. The media is just running amok. It needs to stop.

Thank God Rep. Massie came out on their behalf as they continue to be falsely maligned. Even the Native-American involved, Nathan Phillips has come out to say he thinks it was all a misunderstanding.



  1. Just another attempted left wing set up, there is nothing the left won’t do or say to discredit ANYONE.
    WHO did this set up? find out and you will find out the ruthless, phony M.O. of the left. Too bad the left was not intercepted way before they confronted these great kids. Good Job, Boys, stick to your guns and let the left make asses out of themselves; Never throw the first punch, but prepared to demolish those who do.

  2. I admire the TEEN BOYS that kept their cool, while they were being harassed by a gang of grown men.

    The liberal MSM has become a bully pulpit for terrorist.

  3. These boys were much better people than I would have been, Even though I am a woman, I’m afraid that native-american drummer would have been wearing that drum before I was finished with the situation.

  4. Bearing false witness, and taking what belongs to another, are fundamental violations of the Mosaic Code. Both prohibit slander of innocent persons. What is wrong with those officials in the Diocese of Covington and the Covington Catholic High School who rush to judgment, apparently on the basis of media reports? What is the supervisory responsibility of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati to republish an apology without a review of the facts? If they have slandered innocent students, who were present only to demonstrate a pro-life position, no subsequent apology to the students will wipe away the bitter lesson of an injustice committed by those who occupy positions of authority.
    …Has the Diocese learned nothing from the recent nomination hearing for the Supreme Court. The Students are innocent until proven guilty, and the Main Stream Media is not to be trusted when Catholics are attacked. Much of what is being reported is false news, and the incident with Mr. Phillips may very well have been a set up.
    Here on earth there is a form of Justice that is man-made, but it is a very human product, and the process of judging is a specially requiring expertise. As the Holy Scriptures warn us, Judge not (unless you are thoroughly familiar with the laws and the procedure,) less you are willing to be subsequently judged in the same slipshod manner. It is obvious that the Church Officials in Covington did not attempt to acquire the facts in this case, particularly those possessed by the students and others from the Church who were present.. It is obvious that the Church Officials in Covington did not grant the students the presumption of innocence and the right to a fair hearing or trial. Have they no shame. Perhaps those officials responsible should have their names published so that their neighbors may justly treat them with the contempt they deserve.


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    WHY are these White ‘Privileges’?

    Anti racist is CODE for Anti White!
    Diversity is CODE for White GENO cide

  6. During the presidential election, Bob Creamer and his thugs deliberately set up gotcha situations to frame Trump supporters, for example, they would hire a disabled person to pick a fight with Trump supporters, and have cameras nearby to spot if anyone retaliated or responded in any way. They then would feed the information to the propaganda collective known as the mainstream media.

    This man apparently objected to a wall on the southern border–what was he doing counter protesting at a pro-life rally? This man claimed to be a ‘Vietnam Times’ veteran–which most news organizations translated into a Vietnam vet–yet he never fought in Vietnam. He deliberately faked his status in order to gain brownie points with the media: 1. Native Indian 2. Vietnam Veteran 3. Old man deserving respect.

    With this trifecta of Identity points, it was easy to lure the gullible media into a feeding frenzy.

    Notice how quickly the smear spread–so that even cowardly Catholics disavowed the fine young men, throwing them under the bus when they should have been backing them.

    I think the whole thing was set up. Bob Creamer testified on video the kinds of dirty tricks the Dirty Dems are capable of.

  7. I live in Cincinnati which is just across the river from Covington. They had to close the school today because of the threats of violence against the school and students.

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