Brave North Korean Soldier Seen Running for Freedom in Dramatic Footage


Americans take their freedoms for granted and too often complain about being oppressed because someone said something they didn’t like. This next story is about true oppression and we should be very thankful this Thanksgiving that we live in this country. We were born lucky.

A desperate and courageous North Korean soldier ran for freedom with guns blazing and all aimed at him. He knew he would be shot, that was a given, but he now lays in a hospital bed, having been riddled with bullets, thrilled to be free.

Soldiers like him are also used as slave labor.

This soldier had intestinal parasitic worms, many of them, and they were 11 inches long. He suffered from severe malnutrition and other illnesses but he is stable and will be fine – and he’s happy.

Watch the dramatic footage of the North Korean soldier escaping and the daring rescue by the South Korean soldiers. Read more here.

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