Breaking…DHS Secretary Sends a Desperate Call to Congress for Help


File photo, Kirstjen Nielsen

Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen has written an urgent letter to Congress pleading for help in a “dire situation,” a “catastrophe” at the border. She might as well be whistling Dixie by asking Congress for help.

“We are grappling with a humanitarian and security catastrophe that is worsening by the day, and the department has run out of capacity, despite extraordinary intra-Departmental and inter-agency efforts,” Nielsen wrote, adding her deep concerns for the number of families and unaccompanied children in their custody.

“Last month, we apprehended or encountered more than 75,000, the highest in over a decade. And this month, we are on track to interdict nearly 100,000 migrants,” she wrote.

[In the past, they were mostly Mexican and could be sent back immediately, but our laws don’t let DHS send back people from other countries.]

This year alone, they have encountered 100 groups of over 100 and more than half came through at remote locations on the border [where there is no wall].

“Now we face a system-wide meltdown. DHS facilities are overflowing, agents and officers are stretched too thin, and the magnitude of arriving and detained aliens has increased the risk of life-threatening incidents,” she said, adding that her “greatest concern is for the children, who are put at high risk by this emergency.”

Nielsen confirmed on Friday, separate from the letter, that the possibility of closing the southern border with Mexico is “on the table.”

Nielsen made the remarks during a phone call with reporters, adding, “If we have to close ports to take care of all of the numbers that are coming, we will do that. … It’s on the table.”

There are six caravans coming up and one is going to be over 20,000.

A Democratic congressman, Vicent Gonzalez is acting as if he is in Mexico’s Congress, not the USA’s. Instead of coming up with a solution that is realistic, he is echoing Mexico’s mantra. He knows his own party is rejecting the ideas he is blathering about in this statement.

It’s a catastrophe and the Democrats won’t do a thing to help.

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