Breaking News: If You Like Your Healthcare Plan, You Can Keep It Until After the 2016 Election



Barack Obama

Another unilateral policy change to ObamaCare was announced Wednesday. People will now be able to stay on their healthcare plans until deep into 2017. It’s voluntary for insurers and states. The impact is unclear.

The change is intended to keep people in the dark about health insurance cancellations until after the 2016 election. Remember when Obama said we needed the law passed immediately?

HHS also altered the “risk corridor” program – the bailout to insurers – so more money would be funneled to insurers in states affected by the change.

This is all being done outside of Congress.

Will Americans fall for this ObamaCare scam again?

This is the third change in almost as many days.

When Harry Reid said that all the scares over healthcare are lies, he said it because he probably knew this change was coming out. They plan to lie from now until 2016 and hope that people forget how bad things are.

Two days ago, the Administration announced that new plan cancellations will not be sent out after after the 2014 elections. The delay was made unilaterally by the Administration because millions of people will lose their insurance. 

Obama already delayed the Employer Mandate until 2015. He delayed the online enrollment for small business until 2014. The small business delay prevented the immediate cancellation of tens of millions

He also delayed the individual mandate until later this year.

All of ObamaCare has been delayed for non-English speaking Americans because their websites are a mess.

These delays create enormous chaos, uncertainty and waste in the healthcare system. The environment for the business community and for individuals is one of utter confusion.

Did you know about last week’s change to ObamaCare?

There was a basically unreported change to ObamaCare law last week. Only Fox News seemed to notice.

HHS decided that state residents who were unable to sign up because of technical problems may still get federal tax credits if they buy private insurance outside of the new online insurance exchanges. Until now, only exchanges could dole out taxpayer-subsidized monies. Now it’s a free-for-all.

Mostly Democratic Governors who dove right into the healthcare exchanges are experiencing problems because of website flaws, which aren’t fixed by the way. The waits are painful. The costs are astronomical. To bail them out (13 states), Obama is giving out our tax monies for subsidies outside of the exchanges.

The tax credits that subsidize coverage under the law can greatly reduce the cost of a policy.

The policy change is buried in confusing jargon and will be difficult to carry out for states and insurers.

Those who qualify can get financial assistance retroactively but there will be no real checks in place to make certain they deserve the subsidies.

Click this link for the other changes made to the law.


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