Breaking…Judge Kavanaugh Has Calendars Showing His Whereabouts


The New York Times and MSNBC White House correspondent Peter Baker reported that Judge Kavanaugh has calendars for the summer of 1982 and the party in question isn’t on the list. He was out of town for much of the summer.

Baker tweeted: The calendars show he was out of town much of the summer at the beach or with his parents and they detail basketball games, movie outings, football workouts and so forth. A few parties are mentioned but include names of people other than those identified by Blasey Ford.

The only thing Democrats will be able to convict him of is being somewhat anal, which is a great quality for a Supreme Court Justice.

We have four named witnesses who know nothing of the accusation, varying stories from the accuser about how many people were at the party [it’s now five and a sixth with knowledge of the party], and a detailed calendar that shows everything Kavanaugh did that summer and that party isn’t there. He must be guilty because he’s a conservative and isn’t all that supportive of Roe vs. Wade.


The left doesn’t care about the evidence and they do want to destroy Judge Kavanaugh. They’ve planned a number of protests that will include paid protesters. One of the groups that will be active is the Women’s March. Their quaint phrase is “believe women.”

That’s what prosecutor Nifong did with the Duke LaCrosse boys. Let’s not forget the fake rape at Columbia with mattress girl and the fake rape at the University of Virginia.

At Columbia, campus police were told to start from the point of view of believing the woman instead of being neutral and trying to find the facts.

  • Statists at their best attacking confirmation hearing!

    Democrat and Republican voters hopefully will wake up to the current statism in USA.

  • Will it be enough, soon enough, to get him confirmed?

    If not this alone there might yet still be something else out there to turn up that will make the difference before Thursday.

    I know, it looks like the left is winning this one at the moment, and it’s not a good feeling, but in 2016 it looked like Hillary had that one in the bag. I’m one who believes that if Almighty God has his hand on someone to do a particular job – Trump case in point – the left can plot and shriek all they want, but if God wants Kavanaugh on the court, it will happen.

    Prayer helps. There was a lot of people praying in November 2016.

  • This is a blatant attack with no evidence to condemn a man based on imaginary evidence, no witnesses, a possible drunk young girl, and politically grandstanding, to advance a political agenda. Pure political evil!