Breaking…Leftists Plan Attacks at Inauguration Balls


Project Veritas has released a bombshell undercover video showing leftists planning potential terror attacks at some of the Inaugural balls. The first video in a series exposes leftists planning potential terror attacks at the Inauguration.

The Fascist ‘Anti-Fascist Coalition’ is the focus of this video. They discuss using butyric acid for stink bombs. Setting off fire alarm sprinklers was a backup plan.

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Madoc Pope
6 years ago

There are some truly scary individuals among the Left.

What’s the saddest about all this is that they utterly fail to realize how similar their actions are to what created the Schutzstaffel back in Germany in the 1920s. The Nazi party was plagued by attacks from the Spartacists – what the German Communists called themselves – and created a security organization within the Nazi party. This “protective staff” was originally formed to protect the Nazi party leaders from assassination and to protect the Nazi party rallies. As it grew, its mission expanded to be a proactive one as well by seeking out the Spartacist leaders and attack their rallies.

This eventually lead to the Schutzstaffel becoming a power unto itself and eventually taking control of all the police and security forces in Germany. Thus the Nazi S.S. came into being.

And it did so as a direct result of all the attacks by the extreme Leftists.

This is what these fanatics opposing Trump are trying to touch off. And they’re actually eager to see it take place.

6 years ago

I think you may find out that George Soros, Michael Moore, and the democratic party is behind this.

6 years ago

As of Friday afternoon, there will be a new sheriff in town and I am counting on POTUS45 locking these fascist scums up and throwing away the keys. May they NEVER see the light of day again.