BREAKING NEWS! Comey’s Under Investigation, Leaked Two Classified Memos


This is a bombshell!

The Justice Department Inspector General is currently probing the Comey memos over classified material. The Wall Street Journal reported that at least two of the memos leaked to his professor friend had material deemed classified.

Catherine Herridge reported Friday that two of the memos leaked by James Comey held classified information. One contained ‘Secret’ information and the other had lesser classified information. Comey could be charged.

It’s Coming Down on Comey’s Head

Rep. Lee Zeldin said that it was Comey himself who said he doesn’t leak or do “weasel moves”. Yet, he did. Rep. Zeldin says it is far worse having an FBI Director leak.

There is no doubt the FBI Director knew the level of classification of these memos and the congressman from Long Island explains why in this clip.

Zeldin also wants to know if Rod Rosenstein knew and that is not all. Listen:

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