Breaking…Paid Radicals Will Disrupt Any Vote on Kavanaugh Next Week


Protesters from several radical leftwing activist groups, including Center for Popular Democracy, the Women’s March, Indivisible, & Housing Works, are being bussed into D.C. to march on the Senate next week to disrupt any vote on Kavanaugh.

Paul Sperry reports that there is training Sunday night, 7:30 PM, at St. Stephens of Incarnation Church, 1525 Newton Street NW in the Mount Pleasant area of DC.


This church will also provide lodging for the rabble and act as their staging ground throughout the week. Protesters’ jail bail, legal fees [for planned rioting and disruptions], and transportation are being paid for by these far-left groups, many of which are funded by leftist megadonor George Soros.

The hard left is desperate to derail President Trump’s conservative nominee for the Supreme Court of the United States.

Expect more of the insane Democrat “protesting” funded by George Soros that we saw at the Judge Kavanaugh hearings.

How is it we keep hearing about Russia collusion with no evidence but we have evidence of George Soros undermining our Republic and we hear nothing?

  • The reason you don’t hear about George Soros undermining America’s Republic is because of a complicit media who also took his money.

  • Soros along with left leaning media and the Democratic party, all have the same goals transform America and turn it into a Socialist paradise with all conservatives treated as outcasts or criminals needing rehabilitation.

  • Soros and the NWO cabal would like to turn the entire world into a socialist dictatorship run by him and other greedy, power-mad elites, while the rest of us get whatever crumbs they may choose to leave for us to share. Socialism has consistently failed in every country in which it has been introduced, so it’s puzzling why the Democrats are proudly praising Marxism these days—except that Soros has enriched them with his ill-gotten money and issued to them their talking points. I will not vote for any Democrat, because they have gone so far to the left that they are no longer rational or intelligent. They are consumed by Trump Derangement Syndrome, and Crooked Corrupt Hillary is still their girl. That’s scary.