BREAKING! “Persons of Interest” in Jussie Smollett Attack REVEALED


The latest information is in on ‘Empire’ actor Jussie Smollett’s victimization at the hands of an alleged MAGA duo out to get him in sub-zero temperatures at 2 a.m. as he went to Subway to get a sandwich.

The two ‘persons of interest” in the case have been found. They are homeless men who were never near Smollett.

Also, Smollett never had a broken rib as claimed.

And, he won’t give his phone to police to prove he and his agent were on the phone as the attack took place.

It must also be noted that only one minute is unaccounted for. Police know that thanks to surveillance video. That means, two assailants would have had to come upon him out of nowhere, screaming it was ‘MAGA country” in a liberal area, beat him, pour a chemical on him, yell homophobic slurs, and put a noose around his neck. That’s a lot to do in a minute.

We will probably find proof of this attack when we find proof of Ruth Buzzy Ginsburg’s appearance this weekend at an event.

Smollett was also seen holding the Subway sandwich when he returned to the building after the alleged attack. Subway is THAT GOOD! That only comes from one reporter, however, Rafer Weigl.

The actor also didn’t want to report the attack at first and told the police to turn off their body cams.

Notice the original report says nothing about a “MAGA attack”:

According to ABC News reporter, Rob Elgas, Chicago police said, “As of yesterday Chicago Police detectives started visiting a series of stores that the white rope, allegedly used in the attack, could have been sold from. Detectives are continuing to do that today.”

Reporter Rafer Weigl said that police are still treating Smollett as a victim, but if it’s found he’s lying, he will be held accountable.



  1. let’s look at the history: close family friend of maxine waters who has come out in support of this undocumented story. Shades of democratic malfeasance as in the Kavanaugh hearing? democrats continue to look bad and it’s only going to get worse going towards 2020

  2. I don’t know who this a$$ clown is and don’t care but when I heard of his claim then found out he was Black and a homosexual I knew he was lying. Every time you hear of these attacks on Blacks or homosexuals within 2 weeks they admit it was a lie. Now this thing comes along and he is Black and a homosexual claiming he was attacked by Whitey x 2 and Trump supporters in a leftist infested neighborhood in the wee hours and sub zero temperatures. I never believed it for a moment, only a fool would.

  3. My antenna went up when I heard the time, checked out the weather conditions, discovered the location and then came the nail in the coffin, i.e., “MAGA country.” So glad that I never tuned in to Empire. The program must be going down the tubes.

    Anything for ratings? If so, then that will fail too.

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